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What tools hairdressers use?

Once ancient hairdressing salons - barber`s shops, it was possible to recognize by a board with the crossed scissors represented on them and a hairbrush. It were the most ancient and most important hairdresser`s tools. Since then tools became much more, but they are remained.


Hairdresser`s scissors considerably differ from habitual to us household in appearance and more careful finishing. Even more they differ on the properties. They are made of high-quality tool steel, carefully prishlifovana also are ground. Owing to what are much more expensive.

Distinguish two types of hairdresser`s scissors - straight lines (band) and tapering (gear). The first apply to a hairstyle of hair, the second - to tapering (thinning) of hair.

The complicated version of scissors - so-called “hot scissors“. Thanks to special thermosystem they are heated to 90 - 130 °C. At a hairstyle the ends of hair are melted off on a cut that promotes their safety and self-regeneration.

of the Hairbrush

Once hairbrushes made

very simply. Took a horn plate or a plate from strong breeds of a tree and sawed through in them cuts. More or less dense crest turned out. With arrival to our life of plastics of hairbrushes there was much, their designs were strongly diversified. There were hairbrushes with two or three rows of teeths, then hairbrushes got volume - became massage brushes, sometimes to quite difficult design. Except massage brushes, apply special brushes with cuts to pass of hot air. They are used for hair dressing by the hair dryer.

of the Machine

of the Machine for a hairstyle of hair - progressive development of idea of scissors. Distinguish manual and electric machines. Machines are distinguished according to numbers from No. 0 to No. 3. At the machine No. 0 thickness of the lower comb - 0,3 mm. At the machine No. 3 comb thickness - about 4 mm. Length of the hair remaining after a hairstyle directly depends on comb thickness. The lower comb can be replaced. Recently in electric machines apply special adjustable nozzles to regulation of height of hair.

Hair curlers and koklyushka

apply hair curlers and koklyushka To a hairdressing.

There are hundreds of types hair curlers differing by the sizes, the device and material of production. For example, make hair curlers of metal, plastic, rubber. A relative novelty - the hair curlers covered with “flypaper“. Hair stick to fibers of a flypaper and dry, without being broken. One more novelty - hair curlers from flexible plastic which being bent, fixes hair.

Koklyushki is much simpler on a design and, as a rule, differ only on diameter - from 3 to 12 mm. Make them of a tree or plastic.

the Hair dryer

the Hair dryer - the device for supply of the warmed-up air for drying of hair. There are two types of hair dryers: manual and stationary, sometimes incorrectly called by industrial.

Hairdriers, in turn, subdivide on household and professional. We are interested in the last.

The professional hairdrier is usually executed in the form of the gun, has several speeds, can force both hot, and cold air. The good convenient hair dryer is supplied with the long strong feeding cord and a special ring for fastening on a workplace.


For a hairdressing use nippers. There are nippers with a possibility of external heating and electronippers. One half of nippers - the roller for turning on it of hair, the second - a zheloboobrazny plate for pressing of hair to the roller. Diameter of the roller can be a miscellaneous: 10 - 14 mm - for different works, 14 - 20 mm - only for a wave of ringlets.

What tools are most important for the modern hairdresser? And as well as hundreds years ago, scissors and hairbrush. If you have them - can begin to master a new profession. Good luck!