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“Baize“, “hedgehog“, “caret“: how to tonsure you?

Styles of volume hairstyles “baize“, “hedgehog“ and “caret“ are very similar. As a rule, it is the short hairdresses differing only with a form of separate sites.

A soft, rare and curly hair badly is suitable for performance of hairstyles. Are necessary rigid and dense.

The hairstyle “hedgehog“ is also similar to the hedgehog who curled up in a ball - the short hard hair directed in different directions, giving to the head the form of a sphere.

“Baize“ differs from “hedgehog“ in the fact that the parietal part of hair is leveled in the form of the platform.

In a hairstyle of “caret“ the platform is executed in the form of the equal plane not only on a darkness, but also on temples.

In other words, the shape of the head in these hairdresses can be described as round, semicircular and rectangular. Baize the Hairstyle “baize“ begin


with the top occipital zone. Cut hair from the center to temples vertical hair partings on fingers.

It is admissible to use at first the machine No. 1, and then the machine No. 2. Hair of occipital part (from the middle of a neck to the top) and from a temple to temporal ledges cut separately.

After that the machine No. 0 shear neck hair, and temple hair and behind ears edge.

Then issue the so-called platform, that is hair on a darkness. Before cutting the platform, hair need to be combed upward against the direction of growth, to grease with a clamp and to lay a brush and the hair dryer.

Height of the platform is recommended to do according to width of the person: to stout men - is higher, thin - is lower. Will be to take an interest in a good form at the client about the desirable height of the platform. Length of hair at a forehead has to make 3 - 5 cm.

It is important to tonsure exactly the forward part of the platform passing from a frontal ledge to the top. On this strip equal all subsequent strips.

It is necessary to carry out a hairstyle of the right side of the platform, facing the client, at the same time do not use a mirror, and cut the left side, standing behind the client, surely using a mirror.

To cut off flat and strictly horizontal platform, it is necessary to watch carefully position of the case and hands in operating time. Hands have to be at the level of shoulders.

It is necessary to stand directly, without bending down to the client`s head. The hairbrush and scissors have to be are located in parallel each other in horizontal position.

For processing of hair on temples comb them a hairbrush or a brush from below up, trying to delay them at right angle to the platform.

At a hairstyle of the left side scissors have the ends down, and at registration right - the ends up.

Then round a corner between “platform“ and temples.

the Hedgehog

Characteristic feature of a hairdress “hedgehog“ - smooth transition from short hair to the extended bang.

To carry out it, it is necessary to allocate a lock in the middle of a parietal zone, to lift vertically and to cut, gradually increasing length of hair to a bang.

That the hairstyle “hedgehog“ became really similar to a hedgehog, recommend to process a parietal zone thinning shears.

For laying use a small amount of a skin, at the same time hair can be not dried the hair dryer.

of the Caret

Carrying out a hairstyle of “caret“, at first cut hair on lateral parts, and then issue the platform. Having finished a hairstyle, work hair by method Poynting on dry hair.

Poynting - the special method of shortening of hair consisting in cutting of tips the scissors sent deep into to the lock so that the line of a cut became similar to a fringe allocated to a lock.

There are a little more spoiled hairdresses of the family and acquaintances - and you will become the professional hairdresser. And if you do not earn on it a heap money, then, at least, you will save. Dare and remember that the hairdress is more important than policy. Good luck.