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How to make house cleaning not tiresome?

One only thought of clear-out horrify you? You do not fear the volume of the forthcoming work, and segment it. For example, instead of tiding up all house, decide to clean up only in one room, but carefully.

There is a simple plan how to tide up if not pleasant then tolerant occupation:

1. Choose the room - any room. Decide from what room to begin. Write down in the daily log what the room is.

Example: bedroom.

Or choose the same work on all apartment or the house which can be made for once. For example: to vacuum all apartment. Write down.

2. Choose for yourself encouragement. It has to be something, than you reward yourself for the works. It can be a portion of ice cream, 2 hours of idleness and viewing of the TV, manicure in Spa - salon, a dinner at restaurant.

Remuneration has to be proportional to the spent efforts! 15 minutes of easy cleaning are not equal to a dinner in restaurant, and will pull only on a piece of pie and relaxation in front of the TV (for example).

Write down the promised encouragement in the daily log.

3. Appoint date of the planned cleaning and write down in the daily log.

Example. Tuesday, July 5 to wash all bathroom equipment. Thursday, July 7 to vacuum and beat out carpets.

4. The night before look in the daily log (you have a useful habit in the evening to look through all affairs next day?) . Aha, tomorrow it is necessary to wash windows. Be mentally adjusted on the fact that tomorrow you will wash windows (or that there at you according to the plan).

5. Since morning choose time in which you will be engaged in it. Housework demands energy therefore it is important to know when during the day you feel the greatest inflow of energy. If you the early bird, then is better to tide up you in the morning. If you an owl, then, respectively, choose an evening.

6. In due time begin work. Immediately! Bring all necessary for you for work (garbage bags, a rag and a bucket with water etc.) . Turn on the music. If you listen to a cheerful, dynamic melody, then it will set to you rate of work and will not allow to relax. Do not turn on the music too loudly - let it just create a pleasant background.

7. Know the limits. Some people like to do work for time, and some work best of all when break work into several parts and carry out it with small breaks. It is better to work intensively 15 minutes, to have a rest and work 15 more minutes, than hour to work, overstrain and tell: I hate this housework. It not for me.

8) You hold everything is all right. You know, it is how easier to hold everything is all right, than to constantly arrange clear-out. Let for everything in the house you will have the place. Also you remember the rule of one minute: if something appeared at you in a hand, it is much simpler to spend 1 minute and to put it back or to find the appropriate place for this subject, than to throw it anywhere.

9. Also do not forget about the remuneration. Worked - have a rest and completely enjoy it.

All points of the plan should be repeated for other room or other type of homework at any time convenient for you while you are not completely happy with results. Thus you will perform homework without tension and with advantage for yourself. You will have a beautiful house and great mood.