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Comedy “Violently Mad“. What the general at Jews and Blacks?

the Duet of two comedians, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, perhaps, one of the most amusing and inadequate comic unions of the end of the seventieth - the beginning of the ninetieth of the last century. To weave together the blond curly Jew (a real name of Wilder - Jerome Silberman) and the malicious black came to lucid minds of the Hollywood producers not at once. First actors faced on shootings of the adventure comedy romanticism elements “A silver arrow“ of Arthur Hiller. In that tape Wilder played the first violin while Pryor was only an amusing minor character whom the main character meets already in the last third of a plot.

However scenes with Pryor`s participation turned out so successful that this collaboration was remembered not only to the audience, but also actors. There passed four years, and already other famous cinematographer, the first Afro-American - the winner of the Oscar for Best Actor, Sydney Poitiers, invited both for shootings in the raunchy comedy “Violently Mad“ (1980). At us this tape is better known in translation “Loonies in a tyuryaga“ that is a little connected with the original name, but precisely captures the events essence on the screen.

… Skip and Harry - two friends from New - York which the intelligent person will call excentric odd fellows, and simple, not turbid reason the citizen will consider as pervostateyny morons rather. The skip - the playwright, Harry is an actor on calling, but not in the place of work. Harry earns additionally the waiter in a decent aristocratic mansion while the Skip tied in security service of a supermarket. And if the black waiter serving “belosnezhka“ though somehow fits into history of the American society, then the Jew - the security guard looks just psikhodelichno.

Thank God, the destiny took pity over our heroes - both of them are dismissed, and practically at the same time. Having been tired to fight against inhospitable “Big apple“, eternally enthusiastic Skip suggests the friend to leave familiar spots and to go to the West, and then and to Hollywood, the haven of losers, similar of the Skip sincerely believes what the kind word can be reached bigger, than the kind word and the gun therefore it hopes to find in the region of cowboys inspiration and couple of coins on life. Skeptic Harry made to any kind to swindles agrees, and friends, without wasting time, go to search of adventures.

But, without having managed to enjoy rest, Skip and Harry largely walk smack. If to be exact, for 125 years of prison term everyone. All the matter is that friends decided to earn additionally in bank, arranging the advertizing dramatized representations for visitors. While newly appeared geniuses of marketing had dinner, the real robbers from among local cattle changed clothes in their suits and quite really profited money of honest citizens. By itself that after hasty court and a consequence visitors of a nu - yorkets appear between two fires and get on plank beds.

The only chance of guys of an early release is the hang-up of the local director of prison who cannot wait to win against the competitor on competitions on rodeo. As it appeared, the Skip possesses unique ability to keep in a saddle, so, at it, Harry and their new “striped“ friends there is an opportunity to use the next round of competitions as a starting point for impudent escape …

At once will make a reservation that personally I do not consider work of Poitiers the most ridiculous among four pictures of a tandem Wilder - Pryor. In my opinion, the tape “I See Nothing, I Hear Nothing“ on which actors met the director Arthur Hiller who opened to the world this surprising comic union again left the most successful. And here Americans (by means of exposure of estimates on the website IMDb) gave to the movie of Poitiers more votes. What, by the way, is very “successfully“ joined to figures of a box office: At “Violently mad“ against 46 at “I see 101 million nothing, I hear nothing“.

In such volumes, of course, you will not argue with money, but it is difficult to explain delight of the audience with the objective reasons. Following the results of hire of 1980 the tape conceded on revenue only to the comedy “With 9 to 5“ with Jane Fonda`s participation and the second part of “Star wars“. Whether charm of the cutie Wilder, whether rough humour of Pryor, whether use in a shot of the rodeo popular in America (though not in all states) a sport affected. Most likely, all above-stated factors combined became the key to success of a tape.

Sydney Poitiers arrived competently. It did not begin to connect actors by bonds of director`s dictatorship. Wilder and Pryor, having felt freedom, come off in each shot. Sometimes without due sense of proportion, but it is in most cases ridiculous. For this reason the last third of the movie removed in adventure, than comedy style, looks in relation to the first two alien element. It is strange to see how heroes, priduryavshiyesya all road and the blurting-out numbers, suddenly seriously turn escape from prison.

Comedies of the eightieth possess the unique style. Today the similar buffoonery would seem affected, excessively elaborate, and at that time passed on “hurrah“. Now it is fashionable to contemplate the healthy men who are voluntarily beating off to themselves personal belongings (“Odd fellows“) or the infantile teenagers putting the genitals in apple pies. It is surprising how earlier screenwriters did without excrements or vomit, these departures of an organism occur in modern comedies everywhere. Just right to remember expression “About times! About customs!“, but we will not dissemble - and about a shit it is possible to joke thinly. Alas, this ability over the years disappeared and is available now only to the elite.

Unfortunately, after the unsuccessful comedy “Another You“ of 1991 the duet of comedians broke up. Pryor still appeared on the big screen twice, and then, is unexpected for all, died at the age of 65 years (2005) that, of course, very sadly. Gene Wilder in general ceased to appear on screens. The age (today to it already 78) and death of the beloved wife then the actor was disappointed in life affected and even some time lived the hermit, preferring to avoid the press and importunate admirers.

Verdict: not very clever, but really cheerful situation comedy. Old-fashioned, grotesque, even a little unclear to present generation of the audience because the absurd humour is not too popular today. The movie should be watched not so much from - for a plot which, in general, rather flat and without special intrigue, and for the sake of only game of the chief performers which light on full. And though, I will repeat, I still consider as Wilder and Pryor`s benefit performance the tape “I See Nothing, I Hear Nothing“, “Violently Mad“ too perfectly carry out the mission, forcing the viewer to prolong every minute to themselves life.