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Try to be irritated less than

When there comes crisis, the person begins to be irritated and rush about in search of the new principles and installations, there is a revaluation of the values which are saved up for all life. What to begin a way of improvement with how to cope with pain? I Will tell

a legend. The pupil started the Teacher with irritation, asking: “Much I read the Doctrine and still I do not know from what to begin to apply it?“. The teacher answered: “Obviously, you, first of all, need to be exempted from irritation. This fog prevents you to see a way“.

Any thought, any decision has to be made without irritation. If there is an irritation, so you are not right.

Envy, irritation, aggression, discontent with people around, the world is a reaction to those circumstances, to those people which restrain you in something or do not give you what you want from them. Through a situation, through people with you tells Space. Why it refuses to you something? Think. What is the irritation? This feeling of an animal, this feeling of a dog, tiger, predator, predator who knows that it is stronger that it can destroy. The irritation is a desire to destroy. to

It is absolutely opposite to creativity, love, creation. Unfortunately, we do not attach significance to this household feeling, and being irritated, we destroy what is in us. The person is irritated when in him, in his heart there are energy, similar to those which cause irritation. It is impossible to press irritation - there will be a heart attack, it is impossible to pretend that it is absent, - it is dishonest and development detains. Only understanding of the reason of emergence of irritation moves away him. It is necessary to find in itself grain, a root from which this feeling grows.

Once again remember: what is in you irritates. Similar is attracted to similar and strengthens amplitude of vibrations of feelings, that is energiya. If the same wave is imposed by

at each other, it amplifies twice. Most occurs also at communication of people.

Love dissolves any negative quality, any vibration. If you love if you know this fine feeling, you will easily cope with all negative emotions, with all negative in your life, in your heart, in your destiny.