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What is a picture of the world and how to make that it did not disturb, and helped?

we Will begin the conversation on a world picture promised in the previous article with a model of folklore...

The person went crazy and imagined to himself that he is a dead man. As tried to overpersuade him - everything vainly. At last one doctor took an interest:

- And how you think, at dead men blood flows?

- Well of course, no! - the patient answered.

The doctor took a scalpel and cut to the patient a finger from which blood at once went.

- You know, the doctor, - having thought, the patient told, - I was mistaken. At dead men blood flows!

... “Lives in the world“, “other-wordly“ - so usually speak about the person behaving “not as all“. He as if constructed own inner world and hid in it. And all people around, “normal“ people, live in strong reality.

Of course, the hero of a joke stays not that in senses. But pay attention as flexibly he arranges own representations under the objective facts! To us, “normal“ to learn from him! Because the picture of the world of most of people is so far from objectivity, and here, as a rule, does not differ in flexibility. And normal it is perceived therefore only that approximately coincides with a picture of the world of the majority of people around.

The picture of the world is an idea of the person of reality and itself. And also about its relationship with reality.

Probably, you should not repeat that reality original and the fact that it seems to us that - things different. The vast majority of people - including those who do not even suspect “a world picture“ about the existence of a phenomenon lives in the own world. All of us have the, subjective idea of world around and ourselves, and also of the place in the world. And representation it not in everything coincides with reality as it is perceived by others. Differently would be much less mutual nedoponimaniye. But everyone considers that its vision of the world true and corresponding to reality, and we are not capable to doubt it almost.

Why? Similar doubts simply - naprosto do not fit into a world picture - to be exact, into idea of themselves. Unless it is possible to recognize that the world not such is to what we present it? What is all our experience wrong? It would be equivalent to crash of the world in which we live. Therefore the majority of us, unlike the hero of a joke, opposes to everything that it can shake his picture of the world. Its serious changes, revaluation of representations are possible or under powerful influence roughly interfering and breaking the settled representations of reality (in other words, strong shocks, withdrawal pains of vital way), or is conscious, by hard and painful work over itself.

And the understanding that the picture of the world is subjective already opens a set of opportunities. This understanding means that idea of the world can be changed. If it was talked of a certain strong reality, attempt to change the subjective attitude towards her would mean that we plunge into imaginations. And time we already live (we recognize honestly) in the fantasy world - why to imagine the world so that it gave an inconvenience? We react not to reality, and to the idea of it, remember? On itself the reality neither is good, nor is bad: these are purely human representations.

For example, the table or a chair - are good they or are bad? If on a chair to sit, it is as if good. If to remember not physiology of chairs - it is not so good. If to beat with it the head - it is rather bad. But if it is the head of the bad person - that not so he and it is bad … On the other hand, the chair - it is what? High, low, beautiful, clumsy? Actually, it it is simple to eat. And everything that we put in it, is world picture elements, this our relation. No more, but also not less. And if we are capable to see reality from the different parties, too it is simple to eat it.

It can use skillfully. By the way, we already do it constantly, bringing the personal relation in perception of the world. But if it depends on us why we see in the world bad why to see in it a negative, inconveniences, obstacles? Once we created own idea of reality - came it is time to understand that in our forces to create it anew. At the same time it is important to understand that the plastic, changeable world created by us (both external, and internal!) too is not strong reality. That it let and flexible, but world picture, that is our representation about the world.

But if we are capable to change a world picture, receiving from it bonuses in the form of positive emotions, and it is possible, and there would be no vital achievements - that why? The most important - not to forget that ability to create own world voluntarily is possible only to the one who dared to be beyond a close, but habitual internal world.