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Why to the person religion?

Any phenomenon in sincere life have the reasons. The nuance is that often the true reasons are hidden from us in unconscious layers of mentality. Nevertheless any phenomenon exist not in itself, and serves satisfaction of this or that requirement even if this requirement is not realized. In the thoughtful analysis it is possible to understand the prime cause of this or that phenomenon. And having understood, to work consciously with this prime cause, but not with more superficial manifestations masking it.

One of such phenomena is religiousness which many believers consider as initially inherent quality of the person. Let`s try to understand where religiousness roots are covered.

In 1927 Freud claimed: “Gods keep the triple task: neutralize horror before the nature, reconcile with the terrible fate acting first of all in an image of death and reward for the sufferings and deprivations falling to lot of the person in cultural community“. So, according to Freud religiousness is called:

1) to reconcile the person with the phenomena which he cannot operate;

2) to reduce fear of death;

3) to reconcile us with injustice of society.

It is difficult to tell what of the listed factors was the first. Perhaps, all of them at the same time also generated religion. For example, in the beginning the religion was generated by attempt to be protected from the natural phenomena and only then search of protection against fear of death. More important what turned out as a result.

There is an opinion that rather primitive beliefs are constructed on idolization of forces of nature, world around . Conditionally speaking, the reason and will were attributed to natural phenomena. What for? nothing becomes without the reason. Presence at the natural phenomena of reason gives the chance to come to them into contact, one way or another (requests or threats) to influence them.

But to the person it is by nature peculiar to build a consistent, complete picture of the world. So, the natural phenomena or divine forces standing behind them cannot be simply, abstractly reasonable. They always get this or that concrete representation projected on them by the person. It is no wonder that relationship both gods among themselves, and gods with people corresponded to a social system. And when in process of development of society human relations changed, also ideas of relationship of otherworldly forces changed. Let`s tell, Judaism, being religion late and not primitive, displays it is expressed patriarchal way of the Jewish society. It is so expressed that even the world is created by god - the father without any participation of a female deity. But the speech now not about it.

The strongest motive of emergence of religion - fear of death . Because gradually seizes forces of nature of people or at least understands their natural reasons. The fear of death is irresistible in this way. What occurs after death? Not any person is capable to accept the fact that he is not eternal with full understanding. And that with death it, his personality, will disappear forever. The religion helping to get rid of fear of death comes to the rescue (at least considerably to soften it). And our reason willingly grabs chance “not to die“, forcing out the, perhaps, main fear of a living and reasonable being.

The fear forced the person to believe that he does not die forever - at least does not disappear absolutely. An uncountable set of the people without the actual bases, slightest on that, considered that death - not final disappearance, aperekhod to other world. Even ancient Greeks in whose to the Aida of soul wander in oblivion eternally, the deprived persons and memories (that is the closest to a total disappearance), have psychological “opening“, a certain illusion of life. Moreover: by means of the victim souls can even return similarity of life temporarily! Thus Greeks kept an opportunity not to recognize reality of death.

Of course, the fear of death masks stratification of the psychological protection which are not allowing to realize the real prime cause. And it is normal. Fear of death - the most powerful factor against which it is almost impossible to fight in the rational ways. And the brain looks for ways to get rid of the suppressing, paralyzing understanding of the fact of own extremity. It is the simplest to remove this fear. But it is possible to remove it only from understanding, but not to get rid of it in general. Conditionally speaking, it is possible to turn away from threat, having pretended that it is absent.

But it does not mean what become invisible something disappeared. It “will push in a back“, “to beat the head“ - to break our balance... Only earlier we saw a concern source, and now we do not wish to know about its existence. And we attribute to own unpleasant feelings other reasons: allegedly strong wind pushes us, and it is sick from - for problems with health. And we begin to fight against these reasons... This analogy schematically reflects the processes happening in our soul.

So, gradually, also the fear of death continues to work. Now its obvious manifestations, apparently, have no relation to a basic problem. But the fear of death, in my opinion, is defining for belief of the person in the highest forces (and through them in the main thing - immortality).

And at last, last factor: “consolatory“ function of religion . Best of all it reflects the well-known statement of Marx: “The religion is opium of the people“. Really, many come to belief or to religion in search of a consolation. And even meaning of life. From the point of view of Marx, religion - protection against intolerable living conditions. And not only physically intolerable. Spiritual needs of the person also demand satisfaction.

The religion is also attempt of an exit from isolation of the personality in own close world, out of limits of itself. The religious person feels like less lonely. It belongs to a community of believers, and, above all, is in contact with the highest forces. It finds a support in them, the order existing in the world relies on the highest forces, it is possible to explain with their establishments (and to justify!) the taking place events. Accident not by itself happened, and at will of gods. Not the person made fatal nonsense, and demons or demons pushed him. As otherworldly forces the destiny can act, it is it is all the same more preferable than simple accident. On destiny it is possible to dump the events (“it is fated, anywhere not to get to“), one accident more difficult. Generally, presence of the highest forces does a picture of the world is more certain, uporyadochenny.

Why does not die off a similar mirovideniye?

Because at all the greatness the science cannot relieve us of death (so, and for fear of death), of accidents, misfortunes, diseases. It is possible and not to speak about social injustice.

Besides, each of us bears in himself memory of a state when we were fully helpless before the outside world, and “all-powerful“ external forces protected us. These forces responded to a call for help, they satisfied our requirements and punished for the “wrong“ behavior. We were helpless in comparison with them, but they could be operated in a certain measure, at least quite to count on their help.

In other words, all of us bear the impress in ourselves the children`s state. In fact, as all mankind did not leave a children`s state (the technical power does not correspond to wisdom and a responsible attitude to life in any way), and most of certain individuals so never and become adults. Why - a single question but to assume a full measure of responsibility for the life and directly we are, as a rule, not capable to face uncertainty. So, the religion will be demanded for a long time …