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How to organize a mint plantation on a window sill?

→ Mint;

- Improves appetite, stimulates production of gastric

juice - Impacts the special refreshing relish to desserts, drinks and other dishes

- Elegantly decorates your culinary masterpieces

- Refreshes and purifies

air - Mint on truth a magic plant Helps to cope with some illnesses

. Its importance cannot be overestimated. You are surprised, the sphere of its application is how wide : she helps to cope with headaches; exerts the salutary, calming impact on nervous system; it can be applied as a resolvent.

Really you do not want to have such miracle cure near at hand? you can quite get

a mint plantation even if you live in the apartment. It is not difficult to make at all, mint is not really choosy.

we Create a mint plantation on a window sill

best of all to choose a window on sunny side. If there is no such opportunity, try to provide to a plant as much as possible long period of stay on the sun. If this rule not to consider, mint slowly grows, and its greens will be not such juicy.

That the real plantation turned out, it is necessary to land mint in a long pot. It is good if it occupies all window sill.

So, you somewhere got (cut off, bought) mint shanks. Now things are easy!

First of all, they need to be implanted. For this purpose we put them in the container with warm water on light. In several days they will take root.

It is a high time to replace them in soil.

On a bottom of pots we place a drainage layer. We cover it with either special soil mix, or the garden earth alternately with humus ( in the ratio 2:1 ).

Height of saplings should not exceed 5 cm - so they will grow better and quicker.

Mint needs to be watered with often and plentifully . From time to time we spray leaves warm water, the plant very much loves humidity.

If you created a plantation in the summer, it will expand quickly enough. Main : meet two conditions:

- high humidity of air and plentiful watering

- good lighting

I in a month you will be able already to use “fruits“ from your plantation!

P. S. By the way, mint frightens off mosquitoes . So the mint plantation on a window sill will replace to you the fumigant injector :)