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Breastfeeding: what “to prepare for lunch“ for the newborn?

What is eaten by the child right after was born? Most likely - mother`s milk, in rare instances - dairy mix.

Strangely enough, in this article it will be a question not of how to cook food for the kid - the bottle-fed baby. I would like to talk about how it is correct to mother to feed the baby .

What to prepare for the newborn?

you nurse the baby? I congratulate you, breast milk is the best that mother can give to the kid.

There is an opinion that it is necessary the feeding mother much more simply, than that which has problems with milk. Among other things, the last constantly should spend time for mix preparation. And here mother of the kid on natural feeding with it should not bother. So?

At all not so! The baby as a result eats the same, as his mother. So, mother needs to think of what “to feed“ him regularly.

It turns out, everything that you prepare for yourself, you prepare for the child. And if you did not get used to care for the diet earlier, now it is necessary to pay special attention to this question.

For a start let`s understand that your kid aged before half a year has to eat .

Only breast milk

Today doctors do not recommend to lure and dopaivat the baby before half a year. I advise to wait for that moment when it spills out so-called food interest.

Food interest - conscious interest of the kid in food, desire to try adult food. It is expressed the fact that the child aims to drag a piece of “adult“ food in a mouth, to try what is eaten by mother.

We distracted from a subject, however we can already draw two conclusions:

1. The kid aged before half a year needs to be fed only with breast milk.

2. Mother has to eat properly as everything that is eaten by her, - the baby eats her.

Thus we smoothly approached the main question: how to mother to make the menu that food of her child was full?

the Balanced diet

to Mother needs to be eaten with

for two - popular wisdom so goes on.

Partly it so. But do not forget what is is necessary not for two adults, and for itself and the baby. And it needs not so much.

The diet of the feeding woman has to make something about three thousand calories. It is better to eat often, but it is a little. At the same time it is obligatory to eat the various food rich with all vitamins and useful substances.

It is very important that at your diet there was a meat , and it is the is best of all that it was low-fat. For example, chicken or veal.

It is necessary to eat as much as possible vegetables and porridges. But to remember that some of products can cause in the kid an allergy (for example, vegetables with bright coloring - tomatoes, carrots …) or the increased gas generation.

In maternity hospital, most likely, will give the list of products which you can eat. It is so-called a postnatal diet .

It is necessary to adhere to it within a month. It is possible to try also other products further, but to attentively monitor reaction of a children`s organism. If the kid had a rash or the tummy hurts, wait week - another and again try this product.

You should not adhere to a postnatal diet throughout the entire period of feeding by a breast.

Everything that the child will eat further, he has to try at first with mother`s milk . So it will be easier for his digestive tract to digest a new product.

However which - that everything is better - is not throughout the entire period of breastfeeding:

- garlic;

- onions;

- herring;

- alcohol.

Try to refrain from the use of these products as to the kid to know their taste and to be able to digest them so far to anything. As mother to return to

former forms

Is considered that the diet is contraindicated to the feeding mother. Actually it not so!

The feeding mother can keep to a diet not only, but sometimes it is even necessary.

I will remind once again - your food, your eating habits are projected on your peanut. It means that your habit is at night, for example, is harmful not only to you, but also to your child.

When my baby was four months old, gripes suddenly began to torment her. And so heavy that I was just in panic.

In several days my nerves did not sustain, and we went to ultrasonography. Also you know what was told by the doctor? It appears, the problem was that I had supper too densely. From - for it my milk was too dense, and it was heavy to baby to digest it at night.

As soon as I corrected food, attacks passed. And I corrected it by means of a diet which was resolved - and it is even shown - to nursing mothers. You will be able to pick up such diet, having consulted with your doctor, and thus will kill two birds with one stone: you will lose the excess weight gained during pregnancy, and you will help the baby to adjust the correct diet.


What we can draw conclusions ?

- the Best food for the kid aged till 6 months - breast milk. It contains all necessary substances for its growth and development.

- Mother needs to watch carefully the diet during feeding by a breast. It is necessary to eat fully, rationally, regularly and variously.

- should not be Overeaten nevertheless, especially for the night. It is harmful not only to your figure, but also to a ventricle of the baby.

- Everything that is eaten by mother, the child eats together with it. Therefore it is necessary to approach drawing up the menu consciously.

- If at the kid is an allergy on some of products, it is better to exclude it from the diet for a while.

- it is not necessary to keep to a postnatal diet too long. It is important to kid to try everything that he will eat in the future, through a mother`s milk.

- it is possible to Keep to a diet and it is necessary. The main thing - to choose the correct diet.

Prepare for yourself as you would prepare for the grown-up child .

The food has to be not only a source of pleasure, but also a source of health and forces. And - first of all.