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The car in each family - it is possible?

Such principle at the beginning of the last century Henry Ford proclaimed there is a creator of automotive industry in the form in which it exists now. But the different view on the world was strongly fixed in our consciousness absolutely. A car - destiny of the powers that be. To us, the mere mortal, he is too expensive. the one who is lucky

In the USA the car Is lucky

even the teenager is able to afford, having worked as several months in the evenings, after school. And what at us? Imagine

, we have the same situation! Just people are not ready to refuse stereotypes and to look at things in a new way → the Car - not luxury, but a vehicle

you Know

in what a secret of availability of cars in states? Everything is simple: people would buy cars / at. you Will tell, we cannot afford it?

For example , it is possible to buy “Tavry“ of 1995 on average for $1000, and the same car in the best state - for $2000. By itself, it is not absolutely the dream car. But rather quite good option.

Especially if the speech really goes about the teenager. Earning additionally the courier or the promoter, it is quite possible to collect such sum in a year. And continuing to work, it is possible to cover almost completely expenses on its contents, on gasoline, etc. As a last resort, parents, having seen persistence and gravity of the child, for certain will agree to help him a little.

What to tell about the adult? Transport of such class to it for certain on a pocket. Earlier the man began

with the lieutenant, now - with “Mercedes“

As you can see, a question only at a rate of our inquiries. We want bigger, and as a result we have often no anything.

Or perhaps it is worth beginning with small?

Many owners of a car claim that they to these would use public transport if once did not buy first “Muscovite“. The status of the motorist forever changed their life. Now the majority of them changed foreign cars for a long time. And do not think of life without car at all.

Let`s inherit Henry Ford. Perhaps, time will come, and in our country too each family will have a car.