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Rubens, “Cupid and Psikhey“. From where there was a pleasure?

On Rubens`s cloth “Psikhey and Amur“ the woman sit on a bed half-turned. White pillow, white sheet, red cover. She holds the lamp in the right hand. Probably, the lamp prepared in advance stood behind a bed, she sat down, took it and was developed to sleeping, trying to make out its lines. The cupid serenely sleeps (behind his head on a pillow - the put wing). On a lamp flash from - for an oil splash is visible. And on a wing - the white spot, oil burns. The cupid here - here will wake up from pain...

In a family of mortal the girl of unusual beauty was born. The people admired it, the admiring turned into worship. The public ceased to honor the goddess of beauty Venus, its temples became empty.

Venus took offense. Cruelly took offense. Also decided to punish this girl whom called Psikhey (further - all quotes from Apuley`s “Metamorphoses“):

Now she calls for herself the son of the winged, extremely impudent boy who... armed with arrows and a torch, runs at night on others houses, terminating matrimonies everywhere.

It is about the Cupid (or Cupid that the same) whose arrows affect hearts and force people to fall in love. Mummy is eager to sweep:

I conjure you bonds of love maternal, gentle wounds of your arrows, your torch sweet burns, revenge for the mother. having So puzzled with

the sonny, “she long also kisses the son a half-open mouth“.

(Something the kiss is not really similar to maternal...)

And nobody takes Psikhey in the wife, despite her beauty. Parents address the oracle who says that she (Psikhey) should rush to an abyss. Then it will be picked up by somebody with awful shape, and it will be it the husband. They bring her on the region of the rock, and leave home:

To Psikhey, the rocks which are afraid, trembling, crying at the top, gentle trend of a soft Zephyr, having stirred up it floors and having blown up clothes (probably, the Zephyr had no objection to get acquainted with maiden delights too), slightly raises, quiet whiff gradually from a slope of the high rock carries away and in the deep valley on a bosom of the blossoming meadow, slowly lowering, puts.


goes on a meadow and gets to some palace, admires its beauty. She is looked after by invisible beings, she is fed, take care and see off in a bedroom.

Upon termination of entertainments, conceding to admonitions of twilight, departs Psikhey to a dream. In dead of night some small noise reaches her ears. Here, being afraid for the virginity in such privacy, she quails, both it is terrified, and is afraid of any trouble especially as it is unknown to it. Psikhey`s

half-asleep - and there came its moment if it is possible so to speak, weddings:

But already mysterious spouse entered and ascended to a bed, the spouse to himself to Psikhey made and before sunrise hasty left. Immediately the voices waiting in a bedroom surround with cares the lost innocence newly married. So long time proceeded. And under laws of the nature novelty from a frequent habit gets for it a gratefulness...

But Psikhey misses sisters, cries, asks the invisible spouse to make so that it could see them. The husband says to it that nothing good from this will leave that it attracts sufferings on itself and on him. But if she so wants, it will execute its wish. Also allows it to present sisters with everything, than she will want.

She thanked the husband and with the cleared-up person speaks: “Yes hundred times are better to die to me, than to lose your most sweet matrimony! Whoever you were, I love you passionately as I the soul, and with the Cupid will not make even“. were not content with

of the Sister with received and continued the impious games. They ask on a visit again, and again the spouse warns:

“These artful maids in every way prepare against you disastrous intrigues, and their main goal - to persuade you to learn my lines which as I more than once warned you, having seen, will not see more“. Psikhey

A persuades the spouse to allow them to visit at it on a visit again:

“I conjure you these the fragrant, on both sides falling-down curls your, your gentle, roundish, on mine similar cheeks, your breast, some mysterious fire of filled... “

of the Sister the next visit is instigated at this time to Psikhey to kill the spouse:

“Take the perfected

razor and, having carried out slowly for giving of bigger sharpness up to a palm,

secretly hide it in a bed from that party where you always lay down;

then a good lamp, to the brim filled with oil, a bright flame burning, cover

with some pot; all these preparations make

in the greatest secret.

Then when it the twisting movements rises, as usual, on a bed,

will stretch and will plunge into the deep rest filled with weight of the first dream,

slide off a bed barefoot, going on tiptoe as it is possible more carefully,

exempt a lamp from a cover of a blind gloom,

use the help of light for commission of nice your feat,

highly upraise the right hand with the two-edged

weapon and strong blow the head of a harmful dragon from a trunk cut“.

it is already ready for a crime. There comes night, it opens the lamp. Sees the beautiful Cupid, examines him, and her determination evaporates:

... curious does not take eyes Psikhey from the husband`s weapon, examines and feels it (some ambiguity: not absolutely it is clear about what weapon the speech that she examines and feels), takes out one arrow from a quiver, a finger-tip tries an edge, but, having made stronger movement the shivering joint, deeply pricks itself so on a surface of skin droplets of scarlet blood act. So, without knowing that, Psikhey blazed with love for God of love.

Intention to cut the head to the spouse disappeared. Besides,

Inflaming the increasing and bigger passion to god of passion, it, full of desire, bent to it and hasty began to shower its hot and long with kisses, being afraid, its dream as if was not interrupted. Alas, pleasures were short


“... So far it, such pleasure intoxicated, the mind not owning, worries, her lamp, whether on the most unusable treachery, whether on harmful envy, whether and itself having wished to touch and as if to kiss so brilliant body, splashes since the end of a match hot oil on the right shoulder to god.

the Burn was serious. The cupid departs to mother, lies at her in rooms. Psikhey begins to look for him. And Venus as though does not know where there is her son:

Here seagull, bird snow-white... having appeared in front of Venus that bathed and lapped, reports on it that her son burned, groans from the pain caused by a heavy wound lies - it is unknown whether will recover. But another is more terrible than

- people on the earth ceased to love:

At all people is by word of mouth already the dialect and grumble goes, remember

and Venus with all her relatives bad:

the sonny supposedly on the mountains making love,

and it in the ocean swimming,

lagged behind the affairs, there is no

and through that passion any,

either a charm, or a charm...
Everything oprostitsya by

and became boorish:

All became unseemly, roughly and wildly;

marriages matrimonial,

the unions friendly,

from children of respect,

but a general shame and

from the dirty

connections bitterness and disgust.

the Angered Venus did not want the union of the Cupid and Psikhei. But eventually business reached Jupiter which

... gives the order to Mercury now to grab to Psikhey and to deliver to the sky

and, having stretched it a bowl with an ambrosia, speaks: “Accept

, Psikhey, become immortal.

Let never the Cupid leaves your embraces,

and yes there will be this union on eyelids of centuries“.

magnificent lay Immediately wedding table.

On an honourable bed reclined newly married, having pressed to the breast to Psikhey.

reclined in a Similar way also Jupiter with the Juno,

and behind them one after another and all gods.

I final: It was so properly transferred to the power of the Cupid Psikhey, and when term came, the daughter who is called by us Pleasure was born at them.