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It is better for whom to live in the private house?

Still in the countries of the former USSR (at least, in Ukraine and Russia) are considered to be that in private houses there live either very poor, or very rich people.

Houses of the first - small, with oven heating and without conveniences. At the second - three-storyed mansions with design repair.

And here the middle class usually gives preference to apartments.

In my opinion, judgment it in a root is wrong. The house does not concede at all, and in many respects even surpasses the apartment in many positions.

Such at us psychology, and it is difficult to fight against it. But I will try to break these stereotypes. I will tell you, it is better for whom to live in the private house and why it so. Young families

About it I know

firsthand, and on own experience.

As soon as before my new family there was a question of where to live, we with the husband unanimously declared: “Only in the house! “ Also got the house in the small town from where it is possible to reach work for as much time, for how many others reach from suburbs.

And never regretted about it.

Yes, the house would demand ó lshy financial investments. Yes, it is necessary to work here too more. But what prospects for development ! Gradually it is even possible to make the house of the dream of the most mean halupka.

Besides, I noticed: in the private house and the apartment, equal on the area, limitation of space is felt differently. The house all the same seems more at the expense of the territory adjoining to it which in fact too is your housing.

I formulated the list of the main advantages the private house for a young family:

1. An opportunity to grow in the fresh air is simply invaluable to your (future) children . It is undoubted advantage for their health and development, intellectual and physical.

2. You have no persuasive neighbors which stirs each sound. It means not only that you can go out till the dead of night with the friends. Eventually, you can not worry that all districts will become witnesses of your intimate life.

3. If you have a small house, and there is not enough room for the child in it, you can complete it as soon as it there is a need. And it is not so expensive. At the correct approach each family can afford it.

4. Start practice of romantic dinners outdoors at least once in a week (and ideally - throughout all warm season). It will refresh and will strengthen your relations with the spouse.

5. At last, the average house costs cheaper the average apartment. And for young families this argument often is decisive.

If you want to be rather free and independent, make a choice for the private house.

Creative people


Yes, the private house provides the real scope for flight of your imagination. You can create, without constraining the creativity in anything.

In - the first , you can apply with advantage the creativity at construction of the house.

In - the second , its finishing and design will allow you to clear up too.

And how landscaping? Well, here and there is nothing to speak. Only lazy will not want to self-express by creation of an ideal recreation area.

But the private house promotes creativity not only in this sense. Fresh air inhales in you new ideas, and absence of neighbors behind a wall allows to embody them when to you likes.

You can play the piano all night long.

You can mold sculptures and decorate with them a garden.

I, for example, was fond of knitting. Yes, I could be engaged in it and in the apartment, but is in the fresh air worked far more pleasantly.

In a word, the private house inspires and inspires. Even those who were far from creativity earlier.


Here and could not be spoken to

, but nevertheless I will write a couple of words.

First of all, you can organize the gym directly in the house or in the cellar. And can at you the garage is empty? Well so convert it in a trenazherka!

What can be better than of trainings under the open sky ? You can create sport center at yourself in the yard. And sometimes there are enough make-shifts. At least, it is possible to manage a minimum of investments.

And this training zone will be only yours! You will not wait more when the horizontal bar is released. You will cease to depend on business hours of sports club.

Anyway, the house promotes improvement of physical training. It is necessary to work much here, and you improve the health and will increase muscle bulk imperceptibly for yourself.

By the way, for the same reason I would recommend to get the house and that who wants to lose excess weight . Here you will definitely have with it no problems.


you can not leave the house for weeks ? You are not eager to communicate with persuasive neighbors? So change the apartment for the house, enclose it with a high fence - and you will remain alone with yourself!

You will be able to be engaged in in anything . You can sleep the whole day. Or to meditate. Or to grow up flowers.

Eventually, carry out to yourself the Internet - and lead virtual life if it imposes you more.

The private house will release and will protect you from society unpleasant to you. As if you tried, in the apartment to make it it will not turn out.

Elderly people

Well, here, I think, questions will not arise. It is clear to all why many people after retirement move to the houses.

At them thirst for the earth wakes up . They want to be engaged in a kitchen garden, to live measuredly. And besides - to breathe, inhale more a full breast.

They enjoy life and the proximity to the nature .

By the way, those who spends an old age in the house live usually longer. Many diseases avoid them. And life gets them new sense : it is necessary to reap a crop, to feed cattle, to clean snow, to whitewash trees … At a lot of work appears, and this to work it is pleasant to do to them. Therefore they feel young and useful again.

You considers my list incomplete?

Well, I will be very glad to hear, in your opinion, it is better for whom else to live in the private house, but not in the apartment.