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What household appliances are necessary to the bachelor?

are presented at the market hundreds of types and thousands of models of various household appliances Today. All of them have one purpose: to facilitate life to the person. But we will talk about special category of people - about bachelors .

It is traditionally considered to be that the utter chaos reigns in apartments of these people and they have no desire to fight against it. But I categorically do not agree with this statement. Many bachelors familiar to me pay a close attention to purity of the dwelling. At least, they seek to guide in the order is mute, to overcome chaos.

But it at them turns out not always. And here the modern devices capable come of them to the rescue not only to reduce time expenditure by cleaning, but also to turn this occupation into one of the most pleasant.

What equipment has to be in the house of each bachelor?

1. The washing machine

It is natural, the automatic machine . Thanks to it process of washing is reduced to only two actions: to put dirty things and to pull out pure. It will take no more than five minutes, and even the most inveterate bachelor will always look tidy and well-groomed. So if you do not want to fall a potential victim of hunters behind a stamp in the passport, buy the washing machine today!

2. The dryer

is even better than

A - sushilno - the ironing car . Together with the previous device they are capable to create to you an image of the ideal man. You will be always dressed in all pure, fresh, ideally ironed. And it is practically not necessary to time to spend for it!

3. The vacuum cleaner

Is better for

than washing . Why it is better? Because by means of one this device you will easily and quickly put all house in order.

Forget about brooms and mops! It is the last century. You - the modern man. You have a modern computer, the mobile phone, a car. Why your household appliances have to lag behind? It spoils your image.

By the way, the majority of the washing vacuum cleaners can be used not only for mopping, but also for washing of windows, mirrors and other surfaces, without speaking about carpets and sofas any more.

And aerobatics is to get a steam cleaner !

In - the first, it will save to you a lot of money as you will not need to use detergents.

In - the second, the range of its action is much wider. Some steam cleaners have nozzles for an ironing of things the ferry (very conveniently to use for jackets and trousers ) and cleanings of a motor show.

4. The dishwasher

Here, I think, and explanations it is not necessary. Well, why to spend a lot of time for fight against mountains of dirty ware? Each bachelor respecting himself has affairs more important. So just we put dirty plates in the dishwasher right after a dinner - and evening is free!

Oh, yes you use disposable tableware? Very typically for the bachelor.

But it does not mean that the dishwasher is not required to you! You have a pan, a frying pan, a knife? I do not think that you like to tear off the dried-up food remains hands. So there will be enough excuses - get the dishwasher and forget about washing of ware hands as about a bad dream!

5. The refrigerator

you does not have

U the refrigerator yet? Is that so! Of course, the bachelor is able to afford any liberties, but where, eventually, you will store beer and snack? No, so will not go. Not to do you without refrigerator in any way.

I recommend to take the fact that it is more. Here the logic is simple: the refrigerator - more in it is more than food. You want to be full always?

6. A microwave

It is correct - food which you got from the refrigerator, it is necessary to warm. Nothing will make it better, than the microwave oven.

And you know what in a microwave can even be prepared? And it takes away much less time, than traditional cookery.

Surely read the book of recipes which is included in the package of your microwave oven. And if you do not have it - you will easily find simple recipes in the Internet.

7. A convection oven

It already for the most sophisticated culinary specialists. And that, many men love and know how to cook. Why not?

In a convection oven it is really possible to prepare a lot of things. And dishes will turn out more useful, than when frying on a frying pan. And will prepare quicker.

And if you love pastries, then a convection oven to you it is extremely necessary! The furnace in it is much simpler, than in an oven. It in power even to the cook with average abilities.

8. The automatic air freshener

is forced to note that many bachelors forget about such important point as freshness and purity of air. And in vain! If to you on a visit suddenly brings the woman, she will run away as soon as possible if it does not like a smell in your apartment.

So if you quite often forget to air the room, the automatic air freshener will solve your problem once and for all. He will make everything for you, you will need only to enjoy pleasant aroma of a sea breeze or fir-tree freshness.

If you are an inveterate bachelor and do not want to marry only to cope with chaos in your house, seriously think of acquisition of the household appliances described above. She is capable to make life simpler and more pleasant, having kept yours freedom and rest, and having spent only electro - but not your own energy.