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Why cellular communication is called Cellular?

Here are interesting whether knows which of you why cellular communication called cellular? Recently I was captured by such question, and I decided to find out why decided to call her so. I will a little go deep into history of a cellular network.

B 1982 at the European conference sitting made the decision about allocation of the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 line for natural persons. And this decision was pleasant to all Europe. In the cities the GSM lines began to appear, replacing with that outdated DAMPS. By the way, the first country which passed to the GSM line - Finland. DAMPS is deciphered as the standard of digital mobile communication and it worked at frequency of 825 - 890 MHz. Russia used DAMPS till November, 2007. In the night of November 17 disconnected the last stations DAMPS and now the new era for us set in. Forgot to mention absolutely how GSM is deciphered! It is global system of mobile communication. GSM, in difference from DAMPS, offered the users additional services, besides calls. The most popular was service of Sms. But the speed of a SMS broadcast was very small and CDMA communication will be shortly developed and introduced. But CDMA is better not only speed of communication, but also the small number of radiation. Thereby people receive much less harm from use of the mobile phone. In the future say to pass on 3G communication, but it later. But something I left not there and I come back to the subject.

I so, all territory of a zone where cellular communication prevails, is divided into honeycombs (as at bees), i.e. in other words into hexagons. In the center of a hexagon there is a base station which transmits a signal to other station in which there is your interlocutor. But nevertheless, why hexagon, but not other geometrical figure? And the answer is very simple! If there was a square, then there would be different distances, and very noticeable, and it is excess load of base. If there was a circle, then there would be many “dead zones“, and it is bad for communication too. The subscriber would be often inaccessible. Finally I will write

that the switched-on mobile phone is a spy. Without any efforts mobile operators can calculate your location to 1 meter! And you even will also not know about it. But it is service very useful when someone was lost and it needs to be found.

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