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You go to Colombia? What the tourist of

should know the Republic of Colombia - the state in North - the western part of South America, borders on the countries of Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Panama.

On the territory of the country the mountain chain of Andean Cordillera lasts. The southern part of Colombia crosses the equator. Feature of the country is an exit to the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, and it means that beaches of Colombia all the year round wait for visitors. Islands San - Andres and Providensiya are a part of the country.

Annually thousands of tourists come to this country behind bright impressions and rest on a bosom of the unique nature. The sea, mountains, plains and the rivers, extinct volcanoes, warm climate give an opportunity to have a rest fully in the legendary country of El Dorado.

The capital of the country Santa - Fe - - Bogota (the short name - Bogota) is located in a mountain hollow on a slope East the Cordilleras, at the height about 2500 meters. The city is founded by the Spanish conquistador G. Jimenez de Quessada in 1538. In Bogota there is “a Museum of Gold“, in it about 29 thousand jewelry of a pre-Columbian era are collected - it is one of the richest the museums of the world. Also sights of the city are Bolivar Square and Willa of Bolivar (a mansion - the museum of the national hero).

In 50 km from Bogota there is a city of Sipakira, differently the called “Colombian Manchester“. In this city the known salt cathedral is located. It is cut completely in the salt rock.

The second large city of the country - Medellin is known that it in it was (and it is possible, and continues to work) narcocartel, however residents have glory of people creative and very cheerful. In Medellin the botanical garden “Hardin of Botaniko Joaquin Antonio Uribe“ where everyone can look at a collection of orchids of “Orkhideoram“ settles down. Annually at the end of July the city the enchanting spectacle de Las Flores“ attracts numerous tourists on a flowers festival “. Besides, Medellin is known for football fans - the most noisy and temperamental in Colombia.

The Caribbean coast of the country represents extended series of resort towns: Santa - Marta, Cartagena, Barranquilla, tropical islands San - Andres, Providensiya, Santa - Catalina.

Beaches of Colombia are known in the unusual color. In areas Santa - Marta and Cartagena sand darkly - silvery color, of beaches of islands San - Andres and Providencia is characteristic white small sand.

Santa - Marta - the most ancient city of the country, was founded in 1525.

Sights of the city Santa - Marta - a country house “San - Pedro - Alekhandrino“, national park “Sierra - Nevada - del - Santa - Marta“ and other buildings and constructions entering the list of the World heritage of UNESCO.

On the coast Neguankhe, Playas - Cristal, Arresifes Playas - the Grandee, Ale - Rodadero and the Gulf Taganga treat the main resort areas. The last is very popular among fans of diving and beach rest.

Cartagena is a magnificent resort, comparable with the Russian Sochi. Exactly there are beaches of Colombia with sand of silvery color, the numerous congresses, conferences and exhibitions are carried out there. In Cartagena the elite of Colombia, and also local oligarchs has a rest. The city is known for architectural constructions of the 16th century.

Climate of the country equatorial, and places and subequatorial. Average monthly temperature in flat territories makes 29 degrees Celsius, in mountains from 13 to 16 degrees.

Official languages Spanish and English.

Local currency - Colombian peso. In order to avoid unforeseen situations it is recommended to exchange currency only in bank exchange offices. The obligatory requirement is presentation of the passport. On the island San - Andres, in a zone of duty-free trade, accept for payment US dollars and credit cards of the main payment service world providers. Having a rest in Colombia, you keep the money in the reliable place and take measures of personal security.

Time lags behind from Moscow for 9 hours in the summer and here for 8 hours in the winter.

Since April 20, 2009 Colombia cancelled a visa regime for citizens of the Russian Federation. The maximum term of stay in the country - 90 days.

I recommend to take with myself sun-protection creams and points (Colombia is located on the equator therefore the level of solar radiation is much higher there), an umbrella (the humid climate sometimes gives surprises in the form of a rain) and means from mosquitoes (on the island San - Andres during some seasons mosquitoes appear).

Fascinating rest!