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Why at vorobyyov a dark stain on a breast? Conversation with the preschool child of

On the bus-stop sat a puppy, shaggy barbosik at that age when all of them are beautiful. The boy of years of five faced him and looked. Then we sat down in a minibus, the boy appeared before me, on a lap at mother.

- And I thought, this is your puppy, - I was surprised, and we struck up conversation. The interlocutor would like to take a puppy home. But mother explained that they have a cat, will fight. Then I asked:

- You know why dogs chase cats?

He did not know, and mother did not know. As it became clear soon, nobody in a minibus knew. I speak:

- When you stick to a cat, and it is not pleasant to her that it does by a tail? Wags here and there. If quickly wags, then now will snatch. And when the dog so waves, it means, on the contrary, that she your friend.

The boy and mother remembered. I continue with pauses that managed to understand:

- And the cat if wants to show friendship, goes to you with the raised tail. But look at dogs: at what tail up? At small. They hold it a ringlet because want to seem more. Also present now, the cat and a dog meet. The cat raises a tail: I want to be on friendly terms. And it seems to a dog: some little one threatens that she big and strong. To punish immediately! The dog rushes, the cat gets away.

Mother with pleasure asked:

- You biologist?

- Yes what biologist! - I waved away. - Close was not. Here to you still that understood the cat better. If the tip of a tail is raised - the cat is interested. If sits, having twisted pads with a tail, and from a chair it can hang down, - the cat is happy with world around.

I could tell much about the cats and cats living at me at different times, but it would be not for short road conversation and it is difficult for the preschool child...

I will not forget a cat Timoshka who grew up at me in the eyes: he slept under a lamp and at first caught my rustling pencil a pad. We with it nearly on philosophical subjects argued then. Of course, he expressed with a tail, gestures, moustaches and ears, miaows of different tone.

Once I go, it towards from bushes: “Oh, you home? Let`s go together, with you it is safer“. Went ahead of me. I curtailed on other footpath, he stopped and puzzly asked: “You where? Agreed“. I answer: “Go. Wait for me on a porch. And I descend in a bakery and I will come“. Timoshka tail pipe and forward. I rounded the house, came from other party. The cat, as to him it is told, sits at an entrance door though he could rise to the apartment.

In a minibus of the woman requested: “Still tell something“. Well, about what?. It is necessary that it was interesting and clear to the preschool child. I ask:

- And you know that sparrows are boys and girls too?

On his surprised eyes it became clear that it did not come to its mind. Further showed, as adults are not able to distinguish. Birdies and birdies and to whom painfully it is necessary what they a floor …

- At vorobyyov - boys in front a dark stain. The matter is that many boys are not able to behave at a table, spill on a shirt soup, compote. The spot turns out. And if the sparrow clean is a girl.

And too I could porasskazat about birds. To me on a balcony who only does not fly: titmouses, woodpecker, daws, pigeons, crows, forty, tea. At night by the bat flashes. During a time when sparrows brought up baby birds, they were declared by flocks and, in my opinion, only fathers. One carried away thinly cut off piece of long loaf of the size of a half of. I represent how it is proud it put this plate before the spouse with children. Slogger, getter! Still daddy (not this, from other tree) brought the daughter. All fuss, and she sits on a tail, having opened klyuvik. Learned to fly, and to peck not yet. The father himself also eats, and to it puts. Together also departed to a nest.

If conversation came about girls, we, men, could not but discuss this subject.

- You noticed that fairy tales are won by kind? Here take the Baba-yaga - she sometime wins? Never. And Koshchey Bessmertny? Too never. Zmey Gorynych? To it every time is chopped off by three heads. You will not save enough Zmey Gorynych on all fairy tales... Only one kind died.

From surprise the listener held breath and asked:

- Who?

- Kolobok, - I told and sighed. - He made to nobody nothing bad. And you know what mistake he made?

- What? - question almost in a whisper.

- When it left the grandfather and the grandmother, to it who the first met?

- Hare.

- Hare who, boy or girl?

- Boy.

- Then who met?

- Wolf.

- It who?

- Boy.

- And then?

- Bear. Boy.

- Boy, uncle. And who ate Kolobok?

- Fox.

- It who?

- Girl.

- In - from! While Kolobok talked to boys, everything was good. And met the girl - was gone. Therefore to us, Koloboks, it is necessary to steer clear of girls. Cunning they, artful.

Here my stop appeared in time. I left, having left passengers with smiles. Women did not manage to answer a catch. At the boy on a face were read amazement from heard and a regret that unusual data came to an end.