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In what exotic of present Sochi? Here tell

where video surveillance quite appropriate? Correctly, in trading floors of shops, on railway and air terminals, on parkings. In space, at last, at a space station.

And now we will be transferred from silence of space to a usual street toilet under Sochi. From above the building of a toilet is plastered, a number of openings in a floor inside. I will not go into details.

Well, there is a toilet like “toilet“. On an entrance the grandmother of years of seventy accepts an entrance fee and important measures to everyone strictly certain amount of toilet paper. And here in what magnificence of Sochi: in an approach non-standard! Over the head of the granny the announcement red (for the best visibility) letters hangs: The object is protected. Video surveillance is conducted. Having read to

it, I stiffened and even forgot why I came to a “toilet“ institution. What owners of a toilet here hide in holes in a floor (in “point“, on - national) what is required to be protected? Why by means of the expensive equipment to conduct video surveillance for visitors? What state secrets can be revealed here? I glanced at the granny - the cashier and somehow at once understood that it is not just the granny, and the special agent on a task! Too much mistrust was in her eyes when it drilled me with a look.

In the opinion of it there was a mute question: “You what it, are small, here came? You nose out everything, you find out?“ I planned to nose out nothing. Not in the Japanese garden whether you know, came. I began to shoot a look at toilet corners in search of a snake eye of a video camera. But owners so well, obviously, hided the equipment in walls that I saw nothing. If seriously to speak, then this inscription amused me very strongly. True exotic, witty, non-standard.

Sochi in general breathes exotic. To me, the inhabitant of the plain, absolutely unclear as it is possible to build such fancy on architecture buildings on the mountain. On a slope one building rises over another, gradualness of the placed constructions strikes. And inhabitants of Sochi are not afraid that the house, higher on the mountain, suddenly will go downhill, destroying other houses on the way. Mountain - that breeds, probably, move. Itself saw there panoramas of breaks of crust to which millions of years.

But in Sochi all the same actively build any miscellaneous. And there is a lot of. No, not so. Fabulously there is a lot of! I much where was in Russia and I will tell unvarnished: Sochi - the most violently developing region (after the capital). Violence of architectural styles, universal construction. Over all city construction cranes rise. Whole legion. They look at the city as pack of ostriches on an ostrich`s farm. I will not lie, some inhabitants of Sochi said to me that they support, on the one hand, so rapid growth of the region, but at the same time complained that Sochi now - “one huge building site. Everywhere drill, hollow“. Inhabitants of Sochi suffer. Understand that there is a need for updating of the city.

In future Olympic capital near up-to-date houses, hotels, hotels there are a lot of shabby, thrown houses - sometimes real a hibarok. Steps to them are showered, roads decay. Though updating of housing stock goes, but a picture when at the left at you perfectly trimmed pass - hotel in three - four floors with a bamboo garden and falls of the greens twisting balconies, and on the right - the lop-sided shanty with a black roof where old slate was reared, - not a rarity on open spaces of Sochi. It is sure, at continuation of the existing policy in the city time when there is no shanty left almost will come, and they will be replaced by the latest modern buildings. But on it time is necessary. So far this an architectural dissonance is evident.

About rapid development of the region also govoriteshche one exotic thing - traffic jams in mountains ! This absolutely amazing phenomenon for the inhabitant of flat territories. Once in these mountains the situation when one driver of a burro met on the narrow road other driver was a typical stopper. Now on the narrow in general road in mountains to Lazarevskoye an hours-long traffic jam - an everyday occurrence. You go - you go, mountains around, and suddenly - bang! - wild mountain jam! On that place where drivers of burros once slowly dispersed.

Now burros became iron and their (cars) the huge number divorced. And “drivers of burros“ (drivers) became probably - it is invisible. As a result such exotic feature as traffic jam highly in mountains where, apparently, it is possible to touch by a hand clouds, quite ordinary phenomenon. I believe, in a similar stopper it is romantic to make a declaration of love, say. Or to read verses: “As a mountain eagle at top of the Caucasus“. Or to leave and pick a mountain flower to the beloved. Generally, traffic jams in mountains caused in me feelings of affection and novelty. Exotic of Sochi!

However true exotic is flora of Sochi . Violence of greens, caps of rigid leaves of palm trees, mad on the sizes. A cool of bamboo bosks where you feel like such Papuan, directly - there is a wish to cut off one of them and to make a plevatelny tubule. The huge mountains covered with the woods. It seems what soils here such that thrust the ground shank from a shovel - and lifeless wood suddenly will absorb in itself juice of the earth and will blossom in the magnificent color.

Which - where you go across Sochi, and for a collar to you ripe fruits of apricots, a cherry plum and other fruit fall from trees. If in Moscow on you the poplar down and feathers from the crows who are flying by by, then in Sochi - a fragrant apricot and on the head generally falls … It so fragrant and is noble. In each fancy leaf on a bush or on a tree exotic of Sochi lives and plays patches of light.

There is one more thing in Sochi which seemed to me terribly exotic. It concerns the organization of traffic in the city. As they say, if stars are lit, it means to someone it is necessary! If traffic lights are lit in three flowers, then it is necessary for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and so forth. And in Sochi, it seemed to me that three-colored traffic lights are not necessary. In all eighteen days that I carried out in the Olympic capital, almost all> traffic lights worked only in the mode of the blinking yellow signal.

Pedestrians are passed, as well as it is necessary, the rule of a hindrance on the right everywhere works (if other is not provided by laws). But traffic lights - that for some reason once put at the Sochi intersections! And in general, traffic lights have to work and wink at drivers not only yellow color, but also krasnenky (and zelenenkiya would not prevent). But - it is absent!

At first I decided that all traffic lights in Sochi are transferred to the mode blinking yellow for economy of the electric power. But then, having seen how many the staff of traffic police on a heat manually waves striped sticks, whistles in whistles, rejected this impudent thought. I understood that people in uniform, unlike columns with three sections burning in the different flowers, need to pay a salary! Cash, but not kilowatts, as to heartless bulbs. At me the thought crept in that traffic lights “are cut down“ in order that as much as possible number of people did not goof off, and worked. Let and on a traffic adjustment field.

But I was mistaken. Local drivers explained to me that city authorities on the blinking yellow signal almost on all traffic lights because if to include the usual three-colored mode stopped, then the city “will rise“ at all. And with blinking yellow though somehow something somewhere yes moves.

As you can see, Sochi just abounds with various exotic. Come and be convinced.