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How it is correct to look after hair of your cat?

your pet require constant attention, the truth? He makes up, shifting from one foot to the other from a paw on a paw when you come back tired from work, he asks food, he needs your caress, games and a pure toilet are necessary. However it a little: it is necessary to care for the pet`s wool (of course if he is not a sphinx): it is necessary to get rid of fleas and the felted wool lumps, of the dirt which stuck and hammered between the wool capable to cause diseases.

For children, by the way, such regular care of the pet is good experience of acquisition of skills of care.

It is necessary periodically, and it is better as often as possible, to clean and comb your favourite. It is very pleasant to it, but the main thing, when combing wool at a cat improves blood circulation, and it provides healthy and tidy appearance.

Accustom the kitten to such procedures from early age, he will get used and will not sniff any more in attempt to clean or comb it, and over time he will learn to derive pleasure from manifestation of your care. He so will get used that he will wait for you with a hairbrush in hands every day.

Before combing a cat, examine her, attentively check her nose, ears, a mouth, eyes, paws. Careful survey will help to find damages, bruises or wounds which need to be processed.

Attentively check an integument, dividing a hair to be convinced whether your cat has any problems with skin, fleas or inflammations which can demand special processing or treatment.

Long-haired cats require much more attention, they need to be cleaned and combed at least once in day. For this purpose use a wide comb with teeth: she will help to cope with lumps of wool and down easily.

Becomes it approximately so: you find a small knot in a fur cover of an animal, accurately fingers separate from it hairs, trying to do it is soft and without hurrying. Even if at you it is impossible to untangle the felted place at once, try not to cut off nevertheless it, and to try once again.

If at a cat too started fur cover confused felted in many places is better to address the veterinarian who will find a way to put your pet in order.

If you finally decided that you want to buy long-haired cat and any another, well think whether you are sure that you have enough time and desires for care of such beauty, and you remember that it is heavy responsibility. Besides, you should visit more often the veterinarian as traditionally long-haired animals are more often subject to diseases of wool and skin.

Leaving for short-haired cat`s is much simpler in comparison with the above described owners of long fur. You should not spend a lot of time for care of them, they do not need frequentations of the veterinarian, do not demand daily combing. Will enough make this procedure once a week, using for this purpose a short gear comb or a rubber brush for removal of the dropped-out wool.

Before combing weaken the wool hairs which manually got confused, died off. Stroke and massage the pet, directing fingers against wool.

If to look after a cat regularly, you will relieve yourself of need to bathe her (as it is known, many cats not really love water) especially as they carefully watch themselves.

If your cat suffers from fleas or problems with skin were found in her, only special preparations which will be appointed by the veterinarian can relieve of these problems. Therefore you should not ask suitable shampoo in the nearest shop of pet goods: visit the doctor and receive exact recommendations.

And here shampoo from pet-shop perfectly will be suitable for a healthy animal who was soiled during the next street fights. And one more council: before bathing dissolve shampoo with warm water even if it is not specified on packing, about 1:4, in a bucket. Having wetted an unfortunate zhivotinka, accurately water it with the prepared solution and begin to mass. Thus it will be simpler to you to soap all cat, without spending precious time, and it will turn out to wash away it better. And let all listed councils will help to become your relations warm, cozy and pure!