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“Lives“ of our children. What they?

Dear parents! Answer honestly: you understand the children?

Stop - stop, you are right. They, of course, not angels, are inclined to go too far, and to you, probably, know a lot of things of their age.

But all-: you know where your child why he listens to the strange music similar to a cat`s shouting vanishes, than it so likes people whose portraits decorate its room (I hope, you have enough courage to call them people)?

Why he communicates with different shady characters and - about horror! - calls them friends? And in general, of what he thinks at present? You know? Well, and now answer once again: you understand the child?.

Too it is difficult to children to find a common language with parents. They often lack your adult support, a practical advice, simple easy conversation, eventually. But - especially to teenagers - just it is difficult for children even to recognize existence of this shortage. What and to say about that the child decided to take the first step to mutual understanding.

You have to meet halfway are adult and clever people. To remember own youth it is almost useless: times now others, and your children look at the world differently, than you in their years. Councils of the wisest will not render too due effect as to each child the individual approach is necessary (you should not forget this common truth). And that it was simpler to you to find this approach, we offer the small list - we will call it the list of interests of your children. If the behavior of your child seems to you strange, then you for certain recognize him in one of below the provided descriptions. the Brutal musician

we Will assume

, your son or the daughter put on deliberately brutally, carry rings and medallions with various as they are expressed, “style“ images (a mouth of a lion, dragon, etc.) or symbols (anarchy, pentagram, other unclear to you hieroglyphs). They give short weight themselves chains, and in school run not with a lovely portfelchik, and with baggy bandit urine which they call “feed bag“ and which is surely decorated someone`s hairy if it is so possible to tell, persons.

Be sure - your child becomes the rocker . Its main interests - musical. Now you understand that all these “faces“ on t-shirts, “feed bags“ and walls of the room of your child (those walls which you carefully pasted over with new wall-paper!) - its musical idols. Be not surprised if the sonny or the daughter at the sight of some Baskov on the screen of the TV is twisted: rockers do not respect bottoms - music, the fate is closer to them (actually therefore they and rockers). To musical tastes rockers are divided into different “subgroups“: metalworkers, punks and other. It is not obligatory to know all these subtleties to you. At successful combination of circumstances you can ask the child whom exactly he is, - it will be flattered by your attention.

Influence the fate - cultures on the son (or the daughter) will bring you many efforts. Get used that to see the child of the house and furthermore behind textbooks it is necessary to you very much and very seldom. How he spends time? A night sit-round gathering where - nibud on shops or at entrances, a song to the guitar, binge, a grass. If says what goes on a musical concert - know: again binge, a grass, and that also pair of broken ribs in addition (on fate - concerts it is accepted to “slemitsya“, that is to push each other as it is possible stronger).

If the child suddenly decided to warn in advance that it will come tomorrow with the friend whom you did not see yet, know: most likely, the hairy humanoid, and thank God will come to your house if its sex can be defined at first sight. But it is impossible to think only of bad at all. Rockers not only drink alcohol and smoke a grass. All this is only addition, and the initial purposes - absolutely others. The main plus is that fate - the culture forces the adherents to raise and develop spiritually in accelerated, and it is quite versatile.

It both literature, and natural sciences, and languages, and various “non-standard“ spheres like religions and, of course, music. Even if your child studies not very well - that only from - for lack of “free“ time. But peers for certain consider it very clever. Be sure, it already precisely was defined in the interests. Perhaps, he dreams to create the fate in the near future - group.

It has many friends, and not only “superficial“, but also on what he can rely at a difficult moment. He idolizes Victor Tsoi. He is, most likely, the non-contentious person and sincerely loves you, just did not get used and does not consider it necessary to show it. Generally, not the child, and gold.

The main danger to the juvenile rocker - alcohol and injuries. However with full confidence it is possible to tell that it is very clever and always in time stops. His life is saturated and interesting now, and not least because is secret for people around. He feels like the member big, but nevertheless limited subculture where brothers all each other, and it gives it confidence. He is talented - writes verses, composes music, plays the guitar. It is quite possible that it is waited by the big future.

Rockers are part of informal culture which also hippies - Rastas, rappers, Gotha and so forth treat. All “nonconformists“ respect this differentiation and recognize each other instantly: on appearance. All of them (or, in any case, the majority) possess versatile interests and do not think of the life without music. Even division of “subcultures“ happens to musical tastes.

the Extravagant good-natured person

Very interesting and peculiar, but endangered “subculture“ - of hippie . Look narrowly at your child. Extravagant dresses: grandmother`s dresses at the daughter, grandfather`s sweaters at the son, all scarfs and a poncho, beaded and wooden jewelry. Surprisingly simple hairdresses: long ago not the short-haired hair dismissed on shoulders; lack of any cosmetics...

If besides the child is crazy about the wild nature and listens to something like “the Celtic motives“, Bob Marley or folk - fate (such music modern it seems stylized under folklore) is a hippie. Widely-read and clever child. Too stays seldom at home, aspires “on will“, to clear water and a green grass. Hippies live in own world. Communicate with all, but it is close - to very limited number of people. Here the main thing to become the child another, but not just the parent - then you will get to this “intimate circle“.

The dangerous moments - attention! - the hippie as any other “nonconformists“ are fond of drugs. They turned marijuana consumption into the real cult. These children are inclined to arrange any adventures like exhibitions of own drawings in any cellar or multi-day trips in anywhere. Also do not forget that hippie - they “children of flowers“ - propagandize free love (when I want and with whom I want). Generally, be attentive. Children are very kind, but good often do not finish.

the Modern soldier

Is still such very popular movement as tolkinist . Their bible - Tolkien`s book “Lord of the Rings“. If your child - a tolkinist, then you, most likely, already got used to see it dressed up in a self-made raincoat from an old curtain and with a wooden sword in hands. Its way of life - mobile. Reincarnating in the hero of favourite work, the juvenile tolkinist battles against almost real weapon in hands and spends time with the same hairy and dressed up friends (often their meetings are supported with alcohol, but, as a rule, within limits).

Sometimes the child - the tolkinist can leave the house in strange unknown lands, having taken a raincoat, a sword, tent and a loaf of bread. Among tolkinist it is accepted to call each other not on names, and on pseudonyms (nicknames) therefore be not surprised if one fine day you are called and will ask to some Tinuviel`s phone.

Do not worry, it is not a mean joke, and just your offspring was called by the best friend.