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Whom was Gerry Read?

the talented actor, the bard - a nugget and a sign figure of style of a country of Gerry Read (Jerry Reed) died on September 1, 2008. The few know, but he was the author of the song of Elvis Presley of “Guitar Man“.

Here is how Gerry describes the meeting with “King“: “I fished on the river Kemberlend when Elvis, Felton Dzharviz`s producer called. He told: “Here (in studio) Elvis, and we try to write down all day “Guitar Man“. He wants that it sounded exactly - in - exactly as in your album“.

Then I answered: “Well, so far as you want that sounded as at me, it is necessary to you also me to itself to let. Your guys are suckers, I will adjust to you a guitar so that you will begin to rock“. Dzharviz invited Read the studio guitarist, and business went.

The name for a song was chosen not incidentally: though Gerry also was multilaterally a gifted person, ability to play masterly the guitar was considered as his main talent. Already in the early childhood it surprised adults with the dream to become the musician and to move to the capital of music of a country - to the city of Nashville, State of Tennessee.

The first his talent was opened by tutors in orphanage where Gerry and his senior little sister got after divorce of parents. They made every effort that the boy left sense. He was highlight of the program at one and all children`s home concerts, amusing the people and bathing in an applause of the audience.

When Gerry was seven years old (in 1944) mother with the stepfather took away it to themselves, and here - that his gift had very opportunely: music became for it a shelter, protection against family problems.

In 18 years Gerry signed the contract with the producer Bill Louri for release of the first single “If The Good Lord`s Willing and Creek Don`t Rise“ and from this point his career went uphill.

In 1959 Gerry married Priscilla Mitchell who presented to him two charming daughters Charlotte (Lottie) and Seydina of Ann who went on fatherly feet. At one of solo concerts in the middle of 1970 - x Gerry Read made a surprise to the admirers and executed together with the wife and daughters the song “I Saw The Light“ of Hank Williams - one of the greatest hits in a genre a gospel.

The producer and the guitarist Chet Atkins - one more sign figure of a country of the middle of the 20th century was the best friend and Gerry Read`s colleague. Atkins sincerely admired the protege, being a producer of his songs and holding up as an example to other musicians. He even gave to him the rank of “The certified guitarist“ which is thought up by it personally - except Gerry, three more outstanding musicians, according to Atkins received it.

The world glory to Gerry Read was brought by the comedy trilogy “Police Officer and Bandit“ telling about two friends - the adventurers who are traveling about across America in search of “money, glory and pleasure... Generally for the sake of money!“.

Gerry played Kledas Snow`s role, the truck driver, a board of the guy, faithful armourbearer of the superstar of the American South - the racing driver Bowe, “Bandit“ of Dawson (Bert Reynolds), and also became the author and the performer of a soundtrack.

The song “East Bound And Down“ which for the first time sounded in the movie became the business card of Read and inspired many actors on record of own versions.