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What helps people to survive? With humour - about modern writers of


of our correspondent with the writer Marina Ustinovna Pertsova

- Hello, Marina Ustinovna! Resolve a question at once - you wrote about 5250 books. How you managed it?

- I wrote more, yet not everything is published. For example, still wait for the turn my compositions for the 3 and 4 classes. At me they are not reached by hands in any way, only last year I composed 365 stories and novels which help people to survive. This year at me the same schedule. Yesterday here finished very interesting ironical detective story though more I like the novel on Monday.

- Why detective ironical?

- I there on the 265th page sneer. The irony helps people to survive.

- Tell where and how you derive inspiration, you find plots for the books?

- Anywhere and in any way. I get up, as well as Lev Tolstoy, at eleven in the morning and already in twelve I behind a desk. Lev Tolstoy, however, got up in four, but it does not change an essence, result - that at us identical. Though here on Saturday wrote the novel, slightly overslept and the tie was not successful a little and greased the final - hurried on a business meeting. It was necessary to insert the final from the novel of October 8, and a tie from the story for May 19, and nothing - the book was on sale, responses very good. To someone, maybe, she helped to survive.

- You have very juicy, poetical descriptions. For example, the story for Tuesday before last: “Boris Lvovich was late. It was dressed in a suit, however, as well as always“. The fine novel on Wednesday, July 4: “When Nyusa was seventeen years old, mother presented her a knitted jacket, however, as well as always“. Day before yesterday story: “There was a rain, however, as well as always“. From where such style?

- Of course, it was possible to write “There was a heavy rain, however, as well as always“, but it is already some Bunin, and we have with it absolutely different readers. And at me is them more. I help people to survive.

- And from where fine sense of humour? Here the novel for March 10: “Boris Lvovich joked, however, as well as always“.

- Sense of humour at me from the husband. It very cheerful person was.

- Who your husband?

- Just the husband. And first reader of all my books. Now it in psychiatric hospital.

- In the novel of July 28 you very gently describe a cat: “Nike ran up to me and licked, however, as well as always“. You love animals?

- Yes, of course. In my house earlier always there lived animals and I read them aloud the just written books. For some reason all these animals early died …

- you also give the books names where animals appear: “Fillet from a partridge“, “Shark fish soup“, “Roast from a cockerel“ …

- For myself not to get confused, I call the books by date of writing, for example: “Ironical story, Thursday, February 25“ and so on. My many readers do the same, but publishers against. So for dinner I finish the book, I look at the laid table and I give it the name. My yesterday`s ironical detective story is called “Fasting day“.

- What relations with the colleagues at you working in the same genre?

- Fine. I am on friendly terms with many colleagues, we often meet in hospitals where our relatives, the first readers of our books are treated. We do one serious work - we help people to survive. Recently, by the way, because of printing house my novel was thrust into a cover of other writer, my friend. Thank God, nobody, except me, noticed and the book well was on sale.

- A traditional question - your creative plans?

- Today in 17. 30 I finished the new detective novel. There is no name as you understand, yet, but judging by a smell - “Ragout from a turkey“. And if to speak globally, then next year I am going to compose 730 books, that is I will write one till a lunch, the second later. I am afraid, there will be problems with names … But there is nothing to do, we learned what me is very little read in the Tokyo subway, in London, in local trains of Montreal and Lyon … This market still is not captured by us, for Russia - that I am quiet. By the way, you know that the total circulation of my works reached 760 000 000 000 copies? In the house of each inhabitant of our planet there are several my books which help it to survive. Reader`s responses are especially pleasant. Write me from Israel much - I have relatives there, two letters came from the USA. Even from Nigeria! Unfortunately, I could not translate and not my address.

- Reveal secret - about what your today`s novel?

- my Today`s novel, however, as well as all others, about a private syshchitsa who got mixed up in a gruesome story and with honor left it. I do not remember details any more. Stay for a dinner and you will become his first reader, and that the husband …

Will not, thanks, I should hand over still material and I have children …

- Then surely buy

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- I will surely buy! And you, probably, can wish only creative longevity for the benefit of all competent people of Earth …