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How to cook cheese soup? From simple to difficult

Each woman on the way home dreams that in the refrigerator there is already a pan of rich borsch with meat, the chicken is stewed, it is chopped salatik...

But most often these dreams do not come true. Houses the woman sees the empty refrigerator and inquiring looks house. They want to eat! That`s it for such a case the recipe of cheese soup is useful: simple, tasty, inexpensive. It is possible to cook such soup in 30 minutes.

And if cheese soup is pleasant to you, and you decide to please with it guests, then not to do you without my recipes in any way. We cook cheese soup, we go from simple to difficult!

Recipe 1

of the simply and inexpensive. It will be required to you on 1 liter of water: 3 average potatoes, carrots, bulb, 1 processed cheese, greens. You throw potatoes cut in cubes in the boiling water. When potatoes half cook, we start the grated cheese in water. Later we throw carrot and onions, previously having fried them. We allow soup to boil even minutes 20. We fill ready soup with greens.

If to glance in history, we will see that processed cheese came to us from Switzerland. There a lot of cheese was made that producers did not know where to put it. World War I began, demand for cheese was low therefore producers made the decision to melt it. Over time process of production of processed cheese was improved, and it became a favourite delicacy of many people. to

the Recipe 2


For a soup basis to you will need the same ingredients, as in the first recipe. Besides, champignons and noodles are added to soup. We cut mushrooms, we fry them and we add about soup together with potato. At the end of cooking we fill up in soup noodles, 50 grams on water liter. We allow soup to boil even minutes 5-7. We add greens to the cooked soup.

Processed cheese is very useful. It is well acquired by an organism. It contains a large amount of amino acids, protein and fats, calcium, phosphorus necessary for an organism. Unlike firm grades of cheese, processed cheese contains less cholesterol. It is very nutritious product containing vitamins A, D, E. These cheeses have big period of storage (6 months), they have no specific smell and aftertaste, unlike firm cheeses.

the Recipe 3

the Basis for soup does not change. Also it will be required to you: 150-200 g of chicken fillet, toasts from white bread, basilicas and an oregano. Chicken fillet small to cut, fry in oil. You add to soup together with cheese and vegetables. When soup is ready, fill it with spices and toasts.

Processed cheese has both advantages, and shortcomings. Doctors do not advise to use processed cheese in large numbers. It is not recommended to people with warmly - vascular diseases.

the Recipe 4

we Fry onions till golden color. We add garlic and white wine to onions. We stew onions and garlic in wine until it boils away completely. Separately we fry champignons. Then together we mix everything with chicken broth, we add a grated processed cheese, we fill with a thyme.

Producers of processed cheeses often unfairly treat production of cheese. Add to it various chemical additives. Processed cheese can be made from low-quality raw materials. For bigger economy by production of cheese palm-oil is used not creamy, but.

Of course to find a qualitative natural product very difficult presently. But it does not mean that we have to refuse the use of processed cheese.

We can be more attentive upon purchase of cheese, watch an expiration date and attentively study structure.