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How to teach the child to put on?

Independence of your kid grow: in 2 - 3 years he surely holds a spoon, is able to ask on a pot, tries not only to put on a dress or trousers without the aid of mother, but also to choose on walk clothes to taste.

Why the next stage of self-service - “I put on itself“ - it is so important for the baby?

- Handles of the child get stronger, their small motility develops.

- the Kid learns to control each movement - formed “muscle sense“ becomes result of supervision.

- It begins to estimate quality of the actions, to trace communication between an act and its result.

That is why you should not watch more time to teach the child of independence. Many mothers think: I will dress itself, but I will not be late for work. And it is vain. In a couple of years such parents are surprised: “You are such big, and you are not able to put on“.

Practical advice:

1. The kid needs own chair as it is more convenient to put on many things sitting. A separate hanger for outerwear arrange at the level of growth of the child.

2. Teach the son or the daughter to hang out and display accurately taken-off clothes and footwear: also it will not be rumpled, and will be to be going to the street quickly and simply.

3. Buy to the kid only those clothes on which is not present difficult even for the adult of ties and fasteners. An admissible maximum - big buttons, a flypaper or a lightning.

We take off tights: - costing

near a chair, the child takes off tights, holding them for a belt;

- sits down on a stool and pulls together tights serially from the left and right leg, at the same time one hand another holds a sock, - a heel;

- puts tights on a chair two seams up and an elastic band in the direction of a back.

can be taken after that safely tights, to sit down on a chair and to put on them - if not to play with a thing, the mistake will not be.

We take off clothes without fastener:

- the child releases the head, having pulled two hands for a collar;

- pulls sleeves down serially from each hand, without turning a thing inside out. Mother directs to

the movements of the head and hands of the kid, and then helps to hang up accurately clothes on a stool. To put on, it is necessary to bend only to a chair, to push the head in a collar, will become straight and to serially put on sleeves. Things with fasteners are put on also, without having forgotten to undo several top buttons at first.

We are undressed:

- the baby sits down on a stool, puts legs together;

- undoes a fastener or unties laces;

- is undressed and puts legs so that boots were between them;

- puts footwear under a chair.

Having put forward footwear from - under a stool, and then having put it between legs, the kid will surely finish morning clothing correctly.

Good luck and patience to you and your child. Let collecting in a garden remind amusing game!