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The effect of the Cinderella or How change of appearance can change your life?

Exist two ways to replace appearance of the person.

The first are gradual changes in connection with changes of heart (natural or artificial) and change of a way of life. The second - instant transformation of appearance at which changes go from external to an internal image.

Appearance change - often used course of the narration of children`s fairy tales. Instant transformation of appearance is used in various purposes, but always pulls for itself a loop and other changes.

The Cinderella on wave of a magic wand receives as a gift from the Fairy not just new magnificent dress, it completely changes image. Let`s argue that is included by such change.

In - the first, appearance is instantly changed by fantastic water procedures and masters of salon of hairdresser`s services.

In - the second, the long dress with a corset changes a bearing, and graceful crystal shoes - gait.

Well and, in - the third, as usual, the most interesting: having seen the reflection, the girl changes internally. Fortunately, character of the Cinderella remains still kind and sympathetic, but the feeling of lameness avoids comparison with sisters.

His self-confidence, in the appeal often depends on appearance of the person. She easily and freely communicates in the palace with the king and the prince, feeling as the among equal.

the Cinderella and effect of instant transformation


you or “stranger“ - often is determined by appearance. Other color of a t-shirt demonstrates that you are the representative of team of the opponent. Or it is possible to recognize by a military uniform what you armies of soldiers. To replace appearance - a favourite trick for spies. Having skillfully replaced appearance to hide the true essence, the person inevitably begins to move differently, to speak differently, his behavior changes.

The mankind uses this effect of instant transformation of appearance long ago. Change of appearance is used by actors since emergence of theater. The same actor in a suit of the beggar behaves as the beggar, and in a suit of the prince accepts a bearing of the prince and begins to live on a scene according to this image.

Quite recently also psychotherapists began to use this effect, having assumed that the old suit does not suit for new feeling (and then and for new life). Andrey Gnezdilov created psychotherapeutic pass - theater in which there were whole clothes of ancient suits and a mirror.

In spontaneous psychodramas the suit prompted to the person his further behavior. Having changed clothes, people began to lead life of a new image. However a new image in actual fact - not new. Use of effect of instant transformation helps “to pull out“ from the person what in it is, but is deeply hidden.

Profound positive personal changes for the vast majority of people begin with change of appearance. Not only an inner world, life and destiny change …

Let`s return to the Cinderella and we will remember to what high-quality changes appearance change led it. In that environment to which it got thanks to the transformation there were people who appreciated its personal qualities, found it possible to become related with it and, respectively, life was changed cardinally.

Reefs - and how without them? It would not be desirable that you thought that it is worth changing image - and … the whole world in a pocket. Alas, it not so. Let`s remember that the Cinderella besides still passionately wished to get on a ball, to change the life and constantly worked. And instant transformation of appearance became only chance which it used.

Mary Kaye Ash spoke: “If you for the present not the queen - pretend to be her! “

Means, look as the queen, move as the queen, speak as the queen, act as the queen - and you it surely will become.