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Than avocado is useful?

This article will acquaint you with avocado. I present you this extremely healthy and healthy food to show why it is important that it was on your table and to give to you couple of a practical advice about preparation of various dishes with it.

Avocado is very similar to a pear. It is covered smooth, and more often with a rough peel, from darkly - green to darkly - violet color. For this peel which reminded someone a back of a crocodile, avocados also nicknamed “an alligatorovy pear“. One fruit weighs on average from 250 to 600 g. In the middle of its a big brown stone, it is not edible. The stone is surrounded with juicy oily pulp light-green color which, according to the recipe-book, taste reminds hazelnut, and in my opinion, is absolutely tasteless.

Interesting data on avocado

Before passing to practice, it would be desirable to share which - than interesting that I learned about avocado:

* avocado - a tree of family Laurel. From 400 to 500 types of the wild-growing and cultivated avocado grades are known.

* avocados were known still to Aztecs, the Maya and long before them. Cave drawings of avocado which age of 12000 years remained.

* the Aztecs considering that avocado promotes the birth of children called it “ŕóŕęŕňëü“ that means “testicles“.

* leaves, bark and wood, a peel and seeds of avocado are dangerous and even cats, dogs, cattle, goats, rabbits, birds and, especially, horses are deadly to many animals, such as.

* avocados consider as “an evolutionary anachronism“. This history is very interesting: small animals cannot transfer avocado seeds from - for their toxicity. The animal has to be rather large to swallow the whole fruit, and then to cast out a huge stone. Such large animals disappeared very much, long ago. The plant had to disappear too. But, fortunately, it did not happen. Because people began to cultivate it.

But let`s pass to advantage of avocado.

Why is useful for avocado?

* avocado contains enough protein completely to replace meat and cheese in a daily diet.

* nutrition value of avocado: does not contain sodium and cholesterol, it is very rich with potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, PP, E, B1, B2, B6 and the monononsaturated fats which are (easily acquired). Contains 218 calories on 100 g of a product.

* say that avocado treats diabetes, an ulcer, gastritis, anemia, diseases of eyes, kidneys, a liver, it is warm - vascular and bilious diseases, reduces a blood pressure, strengthens immune system, strengthens a metabolism, working against tumors and cancer. Tones up nervous system and mentality. Purifies blood, regulates a menstrual cycle and other gynecologic problems, and it is few disease at which avocado does not give a positive effect.

little practical advice:

of Avocado is not subject to heat treatment as it begins to taste bitter. It is consumed only in the raw.

To be ready for consumption, fruits have to be soft, but without spots. If you buy avocado firm, leave it for several days at the room temperature that ripened.

At last to be the most useful, I will give couple of recipes with avocado.

The guakamole sauce

Is, perhaps, the most famous recipe with avocado from Mexican cuisine. Sauce is suitable for tortilla, corn flat cakes, bread, meat.

2 pieces of ripe avocado - are kneaded a fork in mashed potatoes;

- cut 1 average tomato without peel cubes;

1 head of small onions (1 stalk of green onions) - grate or very small cut, having slightly scalded before it;

1 garlic glove - press;

2 tablespoons of the cut parsley;

2 tablespoons of juice of a lemon or lime;

salt to taste; pepper (at will) - small to cut

, without sunflower seeds. Everything to mix

and to season with salt and lemon juice.

of Idea for sandwiches

These remarkable fruits can be added to various sandwiches and toasts.

Pastelike avocado can wonderfully replace mayonnaise or sandwich-type oil. Smear a piece of ripe avocado on bread or a toast as butter, and then add other products.

Bread, bacon, lettuce leaves, avocado and tomatoes are well combined. You can add avocado slices to turkey or chicken cheese sandwiches. Vegetarian option - a piece of soft cheese, avocado slices, lucerne sprouts, a cucumber and tomato slices.

Bon appetit!