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Tommy Gun. How “the anti-gangster weapon“ deserved glory of the most gangster in the history?

of Tommie - gan, the submachine gun of Thompson, the Thompson submachine gun, “the trench broom“, “the Chicago piano“, “a devil machine of death“ and even … “the trade engine“.

Still called this most “gangster“ Anti submachine gun in the world - bandit gun . And there is more to come “nicknames“ with which awarded legendary “Thompson Submachine Gun“ (an easy machine gun of Thompson).

Unlike other submachine guns, Tommie`s age-mates - Ghana, he continues to be let out still.

And here the birth of this legend was almost accident.

The colonel in resignation John Toliver Thompson - the military supplier, the expert in the field of arms and the skilled businessman was a creator of this well-known weapon. As the military expert it was even invited to Russia for testing of a rifle of Mosin. He knew that he the future behind the automatic weapon and was going to create an automatic rifle for sale to military department.

For this purpose he bought the patent for a lock for the automatic weapon (given out in 1915 to the inventor John Blish), gathered a team and since 1916 began experiments. During two years` tests it became clear that the lock which main part was a bronze N - a figurative delay mechanism under the influence of return of the powerful rifle boss is quickly used up. The only cartridge with which this design worked rather reliably was a pistol cartridge. 45 ACP firms of the Colt. Considering that already then the boss. 45 ACP was a standard army pistol boss, Thompson concentrated all the attention to creation of the weapon under this cartridge.

Reliably operating sample was created in 1918. Called this Annihilator submachine gun (destroyer) and provided on test by the military just in the last day of World War I. The commission noted as advantage high rate of fire (1500 shots a minute) and a reliable design and as shortcomings - big weight (only the equipped shop on 100 cartridges weighed more than 4 kg) and high cost ($225, the car cost about $400).

All details were carried out on exact metal-cutting machines from integral pigs, the trunk became covered with silver for protection against corrosion that provided such high cost of production of the weapon.

The first production lot was produced in 1919. From - for lack of the production the first 15 000 pieces were made at plants of the Colt. In 1921 there was more modified M1921 party with the improved characteristics: a firing slow rate, and for faster cooling on a trunk concentric edges are made. For increase in accuracy of firing at the end of a trunk the dulny compensator was put on. Then for increase of advertizing effect the weapon called “Tommie - gan“. The name it became almost nominal for all models of Auto firm - Ordnance Company which was created by John Thompson.

Considering wishes of military, in 1923 the “military“ M1923 model with flat tsevy instead of the additional handle (was developed for prime cost reduction), with box-shaped shop on 20 cartridges (for reduction of weight and convenience of a perezaryazhaniye), and also with a bayonet and a bipod for an emphasis when firing. In this model it was possible to use also “old“ drum shops of system of Paine on 50 and 100 cartridges. However military did not show interest in this weapon.

For Bol of a wide circulation of model were delivered for tests to Europe, but the negative conclusions came from there.

Thomson`s firm was on the verge of bankruptcy. And then the general Thomson tried to push the easy machine guns in police, having entitled the advertizing campaign “Anti - bandit gun“ (the anti-gangster weapon). At first the police did not show sufficient interest in this weapon. And, as it appeared, in vain!

Acceptance in the USA of “Prohibition“ led to the unknown growth of smuggling of alcohol. The alcohol was delivered generally from Canada where there were no restrictions on production and sale. Illegal trade in alcohol turned into fabulously profitable type of underground business. And, when the market was a little sated, Tommie - gan became “the most reliable of partners“, “the trade engine“, means for “retracting competitors“ and … for “shooting of too curious cops“.

Now the police and FBI hastily armed against the opponent armed cap-a-pie. Any movie about the American reality of those times did not do without the memorable firefight scene from Tommie - rutting. Then it was christened “the Chicago typewriter“ for a frequent chirr (nearly 800 shots a minute) and “the Chicago piano“ for a characteristic deep-voices sound of a shot the powerful boss 45 - go caliber.

In 1928 for marines let out M1928 (the M1921 model with the lowered rate of fire). The weapon was used in military operation in Nicaragua and received a positive assessment. After that the big lot M1928 was bought by British for alteration under ammunition, widespread in Europe. Experiments ended with failure, but these purchases saved Thompson`s firm from bankruptcy.

M1928 model TTH:

Boss:. 45 ACP (11,43 / 23 mm);

Weight (without cartridges): 4,69 kg;

Length: 830 mm;

Rate of firing: 800 vystr. / min.;

Shop: box-shaped - 20 or 30 cartridges; drum - 50 or 100 cartridges;

Effective range of firing: 100-150 m

On tests the Thompson submachine gun got to army of the USA only in 1938. After these tests to it the witty name “trench broom“ also stuck.

In 1921-1939 only 20 thousand units, and the most part by export orders were let out. Further - it is more: in 1941 - 200 thousand, in 1941 - already 350 thousand. However high cost constrained widespread introduction of this weapon in land forces.

In 1942 Thomson`s firm began release of the simplified M1 model. The semi-free lock was replaced on simpler free, mobile boyok on cheaper motionless, strengthened in a lock. The feeder design is simplified, now the weapon could use only box-shaped shops. The trunk was truncated that reduced effective range of firing approximately to 100 m. For simplification of production of a trunk edges for cooling of a trunk were taken away, did not carry out silvering of a trunk, too removed the compensator. In 1942-1944 in the USA let out 540 thousand Tompsonov of the M1 model.

During World War II of Tommie - marines, diversionary divisions, paratroopers, military investigation armed with rutting. Tommie - gan was at war not only on all fronts where Americans were at war, but also in the USSR where the weapon went on tapes - Lisa.

War ended. An arsenal from warehouses is sold out. It seemed, it is time for the old man Tommie and on rest.

On the contrary! Convenient and reliable Tommie - gan served in FBI before 80 - x years 20 - go centuries.

During the Vietnamese war armed with Thompson submachine guns both the American prospecting divisions, and the South Vietnamese police.

Tommie - gan the M1 models was issued small parties even till 1971. However, considering huge demand among collectors, its production was resumed in 1975.

Tommie - gan in 90 - x years of the 20th century in wars in the territory of the former Yugoslavia was widely applied.

And what today, outside 21st century? Tommie - gan - one of the most popular types of weapon on various gan - show!

Release of remarks of Tommie - Ghana - too quite favorable business. Demand among collectors is still not satisfied. Cost serviceable made in the USA by Tommie - rutting begins with $10 000, is slightly lower than the Chinese remarks, but too not kopeks...

The name “Tommy gun“ already became part of the American history. So call songs, movies, computer games, luxurious shops, bars at the road... In Hollywood there is even a film studio with this loud name.

So, the old man of “Tommie“, I think, will live still long enough!

And the name, I believe, even longer!