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Yew - a box grove in Sochi. Why you more will not see such fantastic wood anywhere?

Ya I have intention to screw the assumption that the same Muscovites, Petersburgers and other lyud, perhaps, are connected closely with inhabitants of Sochi. And if to make even more radical assumption: present residents of both megalopolises are lineal descendants of the most ancient inhabitants of Sochi! Dashingly, isn`t that so?

The local historian, that showed the similar statement, struck us, tourists, undoubtedly, with the knowledge in this question. We got acquainted with it incidentally. Scientifically - speculative researches it conducted the under the name of “Just Pyotr“. This man is absolutely sure that yew - the box woods - are a cradle of a human civilization. Exactly here the universe created the most acceptable conditions of origin and activity of HomoSapiens.

The yew - box groves left in this world our ancestors covered with a century mold - the kromanyonets terribly similar to monkeys - giants. “Just Pyotr“, by the way, with great feeling proved this point of view, and we involuntarily noticed the clarifying our reason shtrishok: and ours “Just Pyotr“ is very similar to one of such ancestors. Only it was improved with high degree of intensity. Judge for yourself: to growth “Just Pyotr“ was given considerable. A huge black beard, dense, extremely saturated eyebrows, and in general all body became covered with rather dense wool.

Small beads of pupils looked through all this blackness at the world crafty and reasonably. On conversation with “Simply Pyotr“ I noticed that a certain logicality in his arguments is, but here after I personally visited a yew - a box grove in Sochi, thought that the local historian very also is very reasonable. He claimed that - the box woods kromanyonets left a yew and moved on the North, towards Moscow. Where it was pleasant to them (and it despite density and continuous vanity!) also were settled across the Central Russia and so on.

We will leave this very controversial theory and we will move not from a yew - the box wood as kromanyonets, and deep into it. Eventually, we are modern citizens! We are given short weight by cell phones, navigators, pocket computers and other equipment. Let`s not get lost, tea in ancient thickets. And these thickets even since preglacial years! And on - scientific we will enter not a usual windbreak, and the Colchis subtropical wood!

Here high humidity reigns and it is clear that not one hares - poprygayka trample down the soil. And on me it is so clear that similar habitat very much is suitable for any creeping reptiles. It is not about drunk in “çţçţ“ vacationers, and about any snakes, spiders, lizards and many other “pleasant“ neighbors. It is correct that employees of a yew - a box grove warn to descend from a concrete ring, anywhere. And that it is more unsafe to go deep into a thicket. Perhaps will carry by from a meeting with some poisonous creature, or perhaps and is not present. Berezheny as they say … Stamp

on a concrete ring and you breathe. You already breathe, is true? But in a yew - the box grove should do it more intensively! The analysis of air of a grove showed that he is stout very curative phytoncides. I still, two months later, remember that aroma. Not to express in words. Something between a new-mown grass, a moss, a fir grove and the begun to rot wood.

I absolutely definitely had an impression that Steven Spielberg`s blockbuster “Jurassic Park“ should have been shot exactly here. Running a look on tops of huge trees, looking in a fancy twisting beam Labyrinth, in narrow rivulets and abundance of mosses it is believed that if from bushes, right now on you the dinosaur jumps out - it is norm! Even if he will devour a couple of tourists - it is norm too! Well, almost. This most ancient Colchis wood just like an ideal cradle for the most different life forms. And death, respectively.

And still Cameron could remove part of “Avatar“ too here. Huge ferns where inhabitants of the planet Pandora slept in James`s creation, something are similar on local, Sochi. Tiso - box. Them here great variety. Not newcomers from Pandora, and the fancy, enveloping ferns. To lie down on them, as in “Avatar“ pandorets. And from one of platforms the narrow ledge of the mountain Iyegosh is visible. Something huge. There would be a hang-glider, to approach on an edge and to make a start, planning down. Nda - page. Hang-gliders so far at us do not give out on hire. And a mountain ustupchik Iyegosh nevertheless attracts the tourist.

Today the tourist goes on a gray concrete ring through disorders of stones and huge cracks of rock. Feeling of directly cracked pie, only as a delicacy - Earth. The astounding steps made of flat stones. Look under legs! I in one place in general found directly in the middle of the road the metal probe which is sticking out of the earth of centimeter on four from a surface. The cut piece of fittings.

Some lizards yes spiders run across to you a way. There is a wish to believe that it is not tarantulas and not vipers. Stones - steps which - where are unsteady, slide. So, care will not prevent, as well as a dense obuvka. And it is worth going here. You more will not see the similar wood anywhere. Even there is a feeling that nevertheless there lived your ancestors millions years ago. Such not clear call of the earth. And lianas - that everywhere! And there is a wish to grab like Tarzan one of them yes how to fly from one tree of meters so in the 25th height on another. But, beer in a paunch much. There is a danger of break of a liana …

Tourists walk on one standard concrete ring of long about one and a half kilometers. But locals in confidence told me that besides the small and common ring seen by everything there is other. Cleaned from public eyes including tourist. It much more than the first. There are even places where bathe in ice waters of the mountain rivers. In those latitudes it is especially disturbing. But - it is also unsafe, slippery. Snakes do not doze. The wild beasts like a bear can meet. To check I do not advise this object to tourists. Unless to the tourist space of the international space station “Mir“. Or from “Shuttle“. Generally, as in the fairy tale: “Do not go there, Ivanushka! Do not drink that voditsa! Kozlenochk you will become!“.

And along the main route to go - takes the breath away, breath crystallizes curative phytoncides. After Tverskaya Street smog in the capital it seems here that got on other planet. Monkeys, we will tell. As it is fresh! What heat would not be out of a yew - a box grove in Khosta, in a grove will be always cool.

The Colchis wood allows to touch a stronghold of times. Astounding feeling.

Well and how to reach. Very simply: the heap of minibuses, buses go to Khosta both from Sochi, and from Adler. We need a stop under the name “Khosta - the Bridge“. Descended, here you will see the big index where to go to a yew - a box grove (about 1 km.). On foot, though uphill, does not strain. But right there quirky taxi drivers suggest to bring for hundred rubles. So, “sotochka“ - and you in the Colchis wood. But a peshochok - is more useful and more cheerful, only the lot of machines goes and it is necessary to nestle all on fences. It`s all right. In 20 minutes of the course on foot you will appear in the Colchis wood too.

Hi, Cradle of Humankind!