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How it is correct to praise people?

of needs to Praise in time . For example, you should not praise the husband who repaired the case door which was not closed 10 years three months ago. Such praise will cause in it bewilderment and suspicion: “Again it from me needs something!“ This praise would be far more pertinent if sounded right after the door was repaired.

the Praise has to be in the correct form . For each person it is necessary to choose the place and a way that to praise him. It will be pleasant to someone if to praise it at all, and someone will prefer to get approval at personal contact. It is necessary to show consideration very much for it and to observe people not to be trapped with the good intentions.

Cannot be exposed as an example before others the person who was just praised. It opposition will hardly cause in people around desire “to follow an example of it“. On the contrary, it can only bring a dissonance in labor collective from - for unhealthy the competition, offenses and so forth

In vanity of life we sometimes forget to tell words of gratitude to close people or the employees. It is necessary for more often to praise surrounding people (for perfectly performed work, for example).

But needs to praise also moderately . Here it is important not to go too far. If you praise people too often, then it can yield negative result. Repetition of a praise without big need is similar to effect of drug: the person gets used to it and waits. At the same time it develops sense of superiority over colleagues. The termination of praises can lead to a condition of discomfort. On this soil at the personality envy to foreign success, suspiciousness and still any signs of “the unrecognized genius“ can develop. Therefore it is only necessary to praise when for this purpose there is a good occasion. Now you know

how it is necessary to praise people. Do not forget to do it in everyday life. The kind word and a cat is pleasant!