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Why to meet itself?

Once I suddenly found out that I do not know myself at all. But earlier thought what I know. It was expressed in my confidence - if that I do, then I do, generally correctly. And it was confirmed by successful permission of this or that situation or problem. But at once I will tell that life was uninteresting in those days.

Of course, everything occurred not “suddenly“, and is quite natural. The birth at me new outlook was served by one circumstance. Once the head of our public organization suggested all of us to begin training at again organized School. Unusual, with non-standard programs, with an individual approach to each personality - the pupil.

Some time I persistently resisted, did not want to study also all. At that time I just did not understand, it was how important for my life. Also passed years two until I made the decision to allocate finance and to begin to be engaged. Here - that also began. On occupations motivated and induced to concentrate all attention on themselves. Actually learned to think, reflect and, eventually, to find answers in itself, and including to receive the answer to the most important question: about the purpose of the stay on Earth.

For something I was born? For what purpose? Probably, not just like that to live, work, sometimes to be ill, sometimes to have a rest … So who builds my life, my destiny if not the person? And how to learn to have satisfaction from life, and also to be capable to help still someone with what it needs? Here such questions began to appear in my head.

Began to live more interestingly because bad began to die. And kind, light and wise even more often began to come to my life independently from anybody, and from anything.

Routine, a dullness and monotony moved somewhere, and the feeling of a victory, pleasure, confidence in a right choice of some actions and good results began to accompany me in life.

All these words can be confirmed with a set of examples how you cope with some adverse situation. Though people and different, but, in fact, all of them good what I was told. And I only try to help them to understand myself and to see that good that it is not visible to them.

It was convinced of what is useless and to condemn someone, and it is better to begin in a disputable or unattractive situation with itself: what did I make or did wrong? Or, maybe, I created that situation? Is over what to think. The main thing - to admit to itself that participated in creation of a disputable situation.

Perhaps, not all consider that they are able to overcome both offense and irritation. But actually it is possible all and to everyone. If it turns out at me, means and at you surely it will turn out! As any offenses, condemnations conduct to diseases. Very well I felt it on myself. As soon as at whom I take offense - here it, some sore was. However, I regret for offense at once, and the illness leaves as I did not call it.

In the course of training, I dug out in myself deposits of abilities and talents what I very much was surprised and delighted to. And all this through practical tasks and special trainings, so simple and clear for understanding that you are surprised how itself did not guess before.

After Self-realization leaving school I found the talent and the purpose of life for the sake of what I also was born in this world. And then began to study at School of speaking and rhetoric where I gain skills of communication with people, i.e. ability to communicate in language of that person with whom you speak. To exclude misunderstanding of the interlocutor.

So on a question: Why to meet itself?

the answer will be: To learn the purpose of the life!