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How to save the apartment from thefts?

How to save the apartment from thefts?

You came home from work, the door is slightly covered, in the apartment all upside down, is obviously not enough some valuable things.... In soul despair, feeling of loss, indignation and powerlessness at the same time..... It is familiar to you, dear readers? Not familiarly? Means to you it was very lucky. And that it was lucky further, let`s consider a two-three of councils as to avoid it.

It is necessary to tell that most of our fellow citizens are quite careless in preservation of the property. Look around yourself, dear readers! Looked? You see the first floors in houses? What protected the majority of windows? Anything? Correctly! And opposite to a window huge or just expensive TV, or still something attractive freezes up. At the same time the window or a window leaf are open. It practically: “Come, people kind, take it is a pity for nothing! “ you know

what is told most often by people on a question why they do not put protective systems, good locks or something else?.... Yes what to take from me? Let`s consider the answer to this simple question. You think most often abduct “Rembrant“ or “Raphael“, exclusive gold and jewelry, rob already not too young “new Russians“? Anything similar!

Here to you set typical for any militia (police) orientation: “From the apartment it is stolen: the TV with a diagonal of 50 cm, the monitor the liquid crystal, system unit, DVD - the tape recorder, audio the tape recorder, phone, the laptop, a fur coat, winter caps, gold jewelry (up to wedding rings (if you think thieves have a conscience, then you should forget about it and even not to remember, it is checked, the majority of them has no conscience).

From the list at yourself in the apartment you see nothing familiar? Ouch, as it is not good to lie! How you then read this article? How you think who are they, those who will attempt upon your property? Percent 70, and even are addicts more. They should not grow rich - several doses of “poison“ (drugs), in exchange for your things quite will arrange them.

So what to do that it did not happen? Examine attentively the apartment - we will begin with windows. The first floor - the alarm system, lattices, a shutter role, strong glasses (expensively, but it is possible to find if lattices at windows irritate you).

The same concerns also the second floor - the person in special clothes with tools will hardly cause suspicion if quietly puts a sliding ladder to a window and will diligently pretend what something does, but to look around not thievishly.

If you think that living on the top floors you it does not concern - are mistaken! The technology is even simpler here: a roof, a rope, the hammer, I will not even explain further.

You have an air duct rather wide that on it the slender fan of others things got through? The algorithm will be following - an air duct lattice on a roof, a rope, measurement of height of descent, a jack both here we again already and at home.

With windows and ventilation everything is clear? We go further. Door and locks. Heard expression: “Penny-wise and pound-foolish?“ And so, do not save on locks and doors. There is nothing to be greedy here! The lock is more expensive, and it is better if they are two different types. Any laths with inclined furrows on a key. It is a problem for the school student!

Now there is a little exotic. Walls, a ceiling, a floor, easily break if the end justifies the means. If you have a big entrance with the niche having the general a wall with your apartment it is a little patience and you will buy everything at first. The same concerns also mines of elevators. One very attractive apartment, on my memory, was robed quite so. Companions were locked in the elevator, sorted a cabin wall, broke out an apartment wall, all transferred to the elevator and accurately lowered everything on the first floor. Was still « steam; characters “ which opened doors of the citizens who are in holiday in suits Mchsnikov by means of a jack and “ shlifmashinka “.

Well and still, which - that. Remember! If keys from your apartment visited others hands, it is unimportant in whose, workers, plumbers, ZhEU, you leased the apartment, lost, then found. Change locks! It is a pity for money? Change at least cores of locks!

The apartment never, with rare exception, is robed suddenly. Look for the apartment, check it, watch it, punch when you there is no house and then pay visit.

Here several signs that your apartment is studied: unclear calls by phone, on-door speakerphone and to a door. Nobody will answer or will muffledly answer about the visit purpose. On a door or a level of a door there is “witness mark“: match or any other small subject. It is not necessary to fall into paranoia and to examine with a magnifying glass a door every time after arrival home! But if noticed - it is necessary to take urgent measures!

Strange people became constant visitor at you on the platform, or in an entrance - you never saw them earlier, and here they caught sight several times. The lock badly opens - quite perhaps, tried to open, but could not (If you think wash that the lock to nobody to pick up, I will disappoint you such locks in principle is not present!). The box of a door has scratches at a wall, around the lock etc. In the apartment of a thing are moved slightly - slightly or cases are leaky closed (perhaps at you visited and looked for documents on equipment then not to waste time on it (And so happens, I assure you!) . All this - alarm signal!

Well if after all it happened terrible, you got into the situation described in the first paragraph - it is not necessary to panic! Do not enter the apartment! Never you enter the apartment if are not sure that you will cope with two three forwards at once. This option is quite possible, thieves can be still there! Call police, call neighbors if there are many people - attack can be avoided.

If in the apartment there is nobody fluently look at what is not present. Will be enough if you find the largest objects - tell the information about them to police, it will help with searches of criminals (there is a chance that they will be detained in the first a two-three of hours). Touch nothing and try not to be trampled down once again. Situations when criminals are known and to prove participation in the absence of prints and the kidnapped person not a rarity at all. Interrogate neighbors - they could see someone until there arrive “politsioner“ time can be already missed.

Further when there arrives the police, and the expert will finish the work, give them all list of the kidnapped person and a sign if there are photos of the gone things - too it is quite good. If you find out later time that something else was gone, do not hesitate - report in addition about it.

Personally I - for the alarm system with an exit to the OVO or PSF panel, with the contract on a full liability though cost will be compensated. It is not panacea as well as my councils, but than nothing is better precisely. And for holiday in general the best option. To leave keys familiar “that they looked after the apartment“ a measure quite confused - they will not be able to be in your apartment all the time.

Also illusions are not necessary! Yes the police has to protect us and from thefts including, but it, even the best, in a new form and with police metal plates on a breast is not able to destroy crime completely!

Do not lose courage if it happens - stolen will not make happy those who made it, all of them equally will get sooner or later and “will sit down“, and any “rag“ or a thing business acquirable. Keep self-control and support the relatives! Do not show to children what occurred - leave them to spend the night at friends or relatives until you clean everything. They did not deserve such trauma for the mentality. Also be vigilant!