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What to do if the child asks the moped or the motorcycle?

What to do if the child asks the moped or the motorcycle?

“A crumb the son to the father came

and the baby asked...“ *

“ Fathers, buy me the motorcycle? Here to me it became bad

!“ **

Dear readers, you got into such situation? Did not get? Then be ready, sooner or later such question can sound.

So, came true! Your offspring who was happy to the bought bicycle until recently came to you and loudly declared: “The father, I want the moped (or the motorcycle)!“ To tragic element of a situation can add that it will be heard not from the son, and from the daughter`s lips.

First reaction: you have a shock, the spouse looks for where to sit down not to fall, the grandmother in a high-speed order looks for validol, the grandfather fusses immoderately too. The imagination vividly draws a picture: the night highway, your child “saws“ on the motorcycle with a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Then squeal of brakes, crushing blow and …... Better and not to speak about it and furthermore not to think!

And nevertheless what to do? If you, dear readers, never had a motorcycle, the moped, and you in panic are afraid of any self-moving vehicles which have less than five wheels (the fifth a zapaska or “spare wheel“), can not read further. Here the choice only one - it is necessary to overpersuade the child. I will not convince you that there are other alternative ways.

The first shock passed, we will get it together, we will bring waters to the spouse, we will calm nearly fainting grandmother, we will politely tell that the grandfather did not interfere (the grandfather for certain will remember the heroic experience of movement on some motorcycle dinosaur). Then we will try to assess a situation soberly. Your future successor already reached critical age? For the moped it begins at approach of 14 years, for the motorcycle to 16. Sometimes it, of course, arises earlier. That is in principle it is already time to decide - to give it it or not.

We will estimate everything pros and cons. It is clear, that motorcycle it very risky. It is obvious more dangerously than the car. You see as there go young people and what it can lead to. Let`s look on it on the other hand - the motorcycle at it healthily, this cool hobby! To whom the feeling of flight when driving the motorcycle me is familiar to those will understand! And skills of the handling of equipment will never be superfluous. It is better than to loaf about, finding itself hobbies in the yard, an entrance or a gate.

Simplest - it is to forbid and not to “pushchat“! But, one big BUT! You well know the child? It will precisely strictly execute your ban? He can offer alternative - I will buy to you the car in 18 if there are no mopeds and motorcycles? You will be able to execute it? If the answer is not present? Then we go further.

You told: “It is impossible!“. The offspring differs in willfulness and will ride all the same mopeds or motorcycles of friends. Let not always, but for this purpose there will be enough also once. Without good skills of management of an iron horse and equipment is a uniform suicide!

Therefore it is better to put process under control. Ideally, of course, it is necessary to begin training with the moped at the corresponding age. There was such moped in last times - “Pass Mokik“. Who remembers - well, who does not remember - it is such stocky machine with an engine displacement of 49 m3 and small wheels. Choose something similar for your young rocker.

Why? It is not so sick to fall from it! To fall!? Yes, I will introduce the seditious idea - to fall! It is necessary that your child at least “shendorakhnutsya“ few times, it is better on a soft country road, and it is even better in dirt! Not painfully, but will make sober at once! I am familiar with many madmen who operate iron monsters. The best and accuratest drivers - those who at least once fell, or had minor accidents. You will not find more law-abiding drivers also on four-wheel horses.

If with the moped we were already late - the motorcycle. It is better if it is not a sport bike. This is a restive horse, he demands to himself respect young people practically do not have that. It is better if it is the classic or a chopper of a small cubic capacity. Explain to the teenager that the chopper is a solid driving. Did not stick to it to go by it as on VAZ - 2108, in the years of its emergence on our roads. It is solid thorough transport, it demands respect and causes respect in people around. Among “choperist“ of reckless drivers it is much less. The classic is just easier in management and is suitable for the purposes of driving instruction more.

Further, equipment. I will tell the ordinary phrase of all thrill-seekers: “Protection does not happen much! “ It is checked for many “own skins“ of fans of motorcycles! A helmet - it is obligatory, and not a modern beret, but a full-fledged helmet with the closed jaw and the person. If there is trouble - the person will suffer 10 times less. Kneecaps, elbow pieces, “turtle“, oak skin of a jacket etc. Open the corresponding websites and look at everything that is offered by the best foreign industry. Choose on a purse and expediency.

Well and the most difficult question, but nearly the most important! The behavior of your son (daughter) on the road directly depends on that with whom they will ride. It is better to adjust this question at once. If it is pack of mad fans of high speeds - it is not the best option. If your child easily comes under influence and does not control as with whom and with what speed to go - the choice only one - a ban! It is healthy if your young biker is included into the good company or will just learn to go without mad pack of neighbour`s obormot. For beginners movement is alone safer than in group.

I understand that not one of above-mentioned councils will not save you from sleepless nights or uneasy evenings. Whether I will be able to buy the son the motorcycle and to go crazy for nervousness for it I know. My son, thank God, did not grow to this age yet. I “got sick“ with motorcycles seriously and on long. I know that it very much and very fine, but we will talk about it as - nibud another time. Understanding to you and patience, dear readers! And to my adherents - pride of the child when he operates the iron vehicle not worse you!

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* - V. Mayakovsky`s

poem ** - continuation of the author