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“You look for the answer? You try to make the decision? Personal coaching only for Shkolyzhizni`s readers. ru!“

U you there was unique opportunity - to get professional support here and now, without leaving the house, being in any corner of Earth!

Whatever you set the tasks - to open own business or to marry,

• if you feel that you need support, new idea, insayt, a push or the accurate plan;

• if you want to see a full picture of the events, to understand, “from where wind blows“; • and to see

, where to you to go further;

• or you feel that you “something not so“, and want changes,

Coaching - that modern professional mechanics which allows to understand the life and to achieve the objectives quickly, easily and humanely in relation to yourself and people around.

I suggest you to take in hand the control panel the life. to Begin with

always it is difficult. But once it is necessary to begin. Allocate

40 minutes a week to resolve the most important issues in your life.


Ya I offer you a unique opportunity - the first free kouch - session in the Skype mode.

It can be our only meeting during which you resolve an issue, actual for yourself, and maybe serious transformation of the personality, the first on the way, and introduction of important changes in your life.

I offer you 40 minutes for appointment to the identity, to the doubts and plans, at last, to resolve what disturbs you or to take the first very important step for this purpose.

Daily at 14:06 Moscow time I begin free kouch - session which is held by appointment in comments to a subject. Session to last 40 minutes and comes to an end at 14:46.

Within the project one free session for one registered user of “School of life“ is held.

Subsequent sessions paid. The cost of session of 3000 rubles

All sessions, paid and free, are carried out on Skype. To register on kouch - session, you need to leave the address in comments to a subject.

Upon completion of session I will send you the scanned records made by me during our conversation. They reflect the course of your thoughts and those unique conclusions to which you came. And also I send to

a form for feedback, necessary for me for professional growth.

Therefore your main objective during session - as much as possible to plunge into itself, to relax and ensure full comfort and a privacy that anybody and nothing could distract you, having interrupted with that a precious thread of search of truth.

All answers in you. I only help them to be born.

Kouch is not the expert in that activity which issues you want to resolve.

I am not the expert in a marriage or construction business:)) I work as

Ya with the help of professional equipment of questions thanks to which you will be able to get to the bottom of an essence of things and to understand what is important for you.

I do not introduce anything the and I do not advise. You possess all resources and all knowledge for achievement of your purposes. My task to light to you a way.

I have forces and an opportunity to support you on the way of changes, important for you. And to offer to you a hand when you step on the following step.

Everything is good in its season. And this time now.

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