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How to be prepared for school

Probably all begin preparation for school now - a stationery and other buys clothes. I will provide the approximate list of the fact that it is necessary to buy

generally I provide the list for the girl because I do not know that boys

should buy I will begin with

clothes. 2 - 3 polo-necks

. classical black

trousers. 3 - 4 t-shirts for exercises

. sports


jacket. 1 - 2 elegant blouses (shirts)




vest. corporal, white, tights (for girls)

. 2 - 3 pairs of tights warm for winter

. 3 - 4 pairs of socks for physical culture

. warm



sneakers. autumn

boots. winter

boots. cap autumn

. cap winter

. gloves for fall are also faithful to

. mittens for winter

. one blouse with a short sleeve

. scarf

. 4 - 5 pairs of

shorts. 4 - 5 pairs of

undershirts. (1 white, 1 black, 1 beige brassiere)

. 2 - 3 pairs of warm

socks. warm jacket

now office

. 2 - 3 convenient

handles. 1 black handle for total examinations

. 4 - The 5th simple pencil

. 1 - 2 sharpeners

. 3 - 4 erasers (elastic bands, rubbers)

. pack of the

colored pencils. portfolio (satchel, bag)

. compasses

. 1 - 2 ranges

. the folder for notebooks

. notebook

. bookmarks



paints. brushes

. album

. a tube for brushes

. jar neprolivayka

. blotter

. detachable sticky sheets for the records

. glue a pencil

. glue

PVA. proofreader

. triangle

. protractor

. replaceable slate pencils for compasses

. the folder for the work

. a set of needles (on technology)


chalk. strings of different

colors. 1 small container for food

. covers for notebooks

. covers for books

. 5 - 6 notebooks of 12 - 18 sheets in a cage

. 5 - 6 notebooks of 12 - 18 sheets in the range

. subject notebooks (biology, history, social science, chemistry, and t. d and t. o)

. diary

councils for the choice


. Correctly picked up handle is very important, especially in the first year of study when there is a training in the letter and formation of handwriting. How to choose the correct handle?

1. The handle has to lie conveniently in a hand.

2. To have the rubberized inserts, or a corrugated surface in the place of pressing of fingers.

3. Paste should not soil a sheet of paper therefore for the letter at school you should not buy gel pens.


. It is better for the kids and children going to the first class to buy simple pencils. The cost of a simple pencil can increase depending on qualities of production. The pencil is more expensive when falling will keep a slate pencil, and when sharpening does not crumble.

Colored pencils

. At the choice of such pencils it is necessary to pay attention to softness. The pencil is softer, the it is better to draw to the child it. It would be desirable to specify that there are special pastel pencils, and it is impossible to demand from them brightness therefore attentively read the name on packings not to be trapped. it is better for

to buy Erasers by

import production. The choice is huge. You can buy both soft and firm.


happen different: with filling and without it, soft and firm, iron and plastic, bright and imperceptible, with drawings and without them. Choose on the taste. But nevertheless it is better to buy firm cases without filling. Then you have an opportunity to choose, than to fill them.


the Choice of glue is rather broad

. PVA glue with the ball batcher is very convenient. To first graders usually buy glue stick. In time surely you watch acquisitions that it was not dried up, ask the seller to check.


. Proofreaders - handles are still popular. Probably, already any pupil does not represent how it is possible to do without them. There are proofreaders in the form of a tape, but work with them requires a certain skill.

of the Ruler.

Wooden rulers did not go out of use

yet, they are more plastic and will not be able to wound the child with sharp splinters if break. But at plastic there are advantages. They very bright and beautiful and the accuracy of divisions at them is better. The choice always remains for you.

of the Folder and cover

. Buy covers for notebooks and books surely dense, so you should not change them every month. Plastic folders are very convenient for notebooks on buttons. In them they are not rumpled, the pupil always knows that all notebooks in one place, it is not necessary to look for them on all portfolio.

the Album

for drawing. Albums happen different, the most important difference is a paper. It has to be dense and suitable for drawing by all means - both a water color, and pencils, and gouache.