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What executed Michel Nostradamus for? Legends of life of the prophet of

For us, contemporaries, Michel Nostradamus is an astrologer. He did not love this word, preferring to be called “astrofily“ (the fan of stars).

And Nostradamus first of all is the doctor from God, the scientist who understood before Copernicus that the earth rotates around the sun, the poet … Became history writing of katren. And not easy entered, and forever in it remained! Spoke about it, speak and will speak!

I do not become engrossed in reading of katrena and I do not solve these “riddles“. Why? About it I wrote in article “Michel Nostradamus`s Riddles. So who is he is an astrologer or the clairvoyant?“ I am keen on it as the personality and I want though not much more to slightly open “curtain“ of mysterious life about which do not cease to put legends nearly 500 years.

This time I want to mention a legend … Ah, I will not be beforehand!

Michel Nostradamus knew when he “goes to a better world“. With own hand he wrote on Jean Stradious`s ephemerises of the word: “Hic prope mors est“ - “Comes nearer death here“. And in the evening, saying goodbye to Shavinyi, told: “You will not see me in live at sunrise“. He long had rheumatism and gout. Died on the night of July 2, 1566 from a sharp renal failure. (By the way, katrena from several almanacs which did not reach up to now remained exactly thanks to Shavinyi - the pupil and Nostradamus`s secretary. He kept records about life of the teacher in the city Salon.)

And who was executed then?

Once many years ago in the “Astrological explanatory dictionary“ made by A. Moskovsky and F. Velichko (1992 of the edition) I read

: “From second marriage it left two sons - Caesar and Michel. Caesar proved nothing special, and became Michele the astrologer, but, without having talent of the father, came to a bad end: foretold once that the city of Puzen will burn down completely and when a prediction did not come true, tried to set fire to it, it was taken on a crime scene and it is executed in 1575“.

Without knowing that it is a lie, and only the next legend, I told pupils of the astrological school this “baize“. And here at last to me Alexey Penzensky`s book “Nostradamus“ “comes“. The author writes about Michel Nostradamus`s children: “Nostradamus`s wife endured it for 16 years. After it there were six children - three sons and three daughters.

The eldest son Cesar (1553-1630) on whom the father laid great hopes, having devoted him the first edition of “Prophecies“, became the painter (it, in particular, possesses the most known portrait of Nostradamus - the father), the poet, the playwright and the historian of Provence. Louis XIII Spravedlivy made it in chamberlains and granted the status of the chevalier.

Andre de Notrdam (1557-1601), the second son of the salonsky prophet, inherited, obviously, fatherly irascibility and eventually was arrested for murder on duel; after pardon he entered an award of Capuchins.

One more son of the prophet, Charles de Notrdam (1556-1629), also became a poet and even entered into the three of the best Provencal poets of the time.

The oldest daughter of the prophet Madeleine married the salonsky lawyer Claude de Perussi and died in 1623. The second daughter, Anna who became the wife of the dealer Pierre de Seva died about 1597. The third, Diana, in full compliance with the name remained unmarried and lived till 1630.

It is worth mentioning also one more son Nostradamus - this time counterfeit. On old and surprisingly hardy legend, the prophet Michele`s son - younger, too become the astrologer, predicted in 1574 the fire in the French city of Puzen (Pouzin), set fire to him, was seized guards with a torch in hands and is devoted to death.

However Nostradamus had neither sons, nor close relatives by the name of Michele; besides none of his descendants, as far as we know, were engaged in astrology. Though the legend of the unlucky instigator arose much later, in the age of Enlightenment, soon after death of the prophet in the book market there were books written “By Michel Nostradamus - younger“. The brother of the dead Jean at once called their author the impostor, “about which in our family nobody has any concept“.

This book on a lot of things opened for me eyes. Also I hope, the author can be trusted. How many myths, rumors, creative “forgeries“ wander around Michel Nostradamus`s figure! The mysterious personality Nostradamus, very demanded up to our time.

About scope of its popularity it is possible to judge by circulations of the issued almanacs still during lifetime. In those days the circulation of any edition generally did not exceed 2 - 3 thousand copies a year, and circulations of its almanacs in the sum reached 50 thousand. Can therefore say about it so much that want to learn a secret of its popularity?

And the more the desire to solve Nostradamus`s “riddles“, the is more than legends and myths - as if “snowball“ in which it is already difficult to understand that it was true initially.