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What future entrants need to know already now? Nuances of the choice of higher education institution of

Usually decide on the choice of higher education institution in the middle or at the end of the academic year of a graduation class, but it is absolutely wrong - to enter to the university, it is necessary to pass the Unified State Examination in the corresponding objects, and to prepare for state examinations it is necessary to begin since September!

Often there is such situation: the pupil specifies what examinations to him to take, only in March, and time for preparation then does not remain at all! Here therefore I decided to write this article right now - future graduates have to think of the choice of a higher educational institution - and decided to describe this history on the example.

For a start, following recommendations of psychologists, I consulted to parents , acquaintances and teachers. But, I will tell you, it is extremely inefficient method as the majority of councils is reduced to one: “And whom you want to become? I do not know what is pleasant to you why I will advise something to you?!“

Disappointed with results of “poll“, I resorted to other recommendation of psychologists - to professional orientation tests. Having answered 150 questions, I received in reply listing on three sheets where the professions suitable me were specified. However this list comprised, in my opinion, all professions which I knew, - from a humanitarian profile to technical.

Of course, for someone one conversation with parents (continuation of a family dynasty - not a rarity today), but for me is enough and two of these steps appeared insufficiently. All school objects are pleasant to me equally, and with such preferences - any profession is open!

But the main problem in that is that and consists - how to choose that which will please and will be a burden not?

For such as I, want to advise one - in that case it is necessary to be guided not by choice of profession, and at choice of higher education institution. Though for the defining factor also do not advise to take prestigiousness of higher education institution, results of USE etc., but nevertheless I decided to arrive on the contrary - and received quite good result!

For a start it is necessary to decide at least on group of higher education institutions - by means of periodic literature like “Reference book of the entrant“, “All higher education institutions of our region“ etc. Then to visit the sites of the chosen educational institutions, to take an interest in the main directions of preparation (usually on them the biggest plan of reception), to look at competitions of last years. As a rule, already here the circle of preferences is considerably narrowed - one directions have a huge competition, on others it is necessary to pass the Unified State Examination in objects which you not really - that favor etc.

Further I advise to visit groups of these higher education institutions and the chosen directions - it is very easy to find them in social networks, having entered searching an abbreviation of institute. Here you will be able to communicate to real students, to receive comments about a real situation. Here will tell, study what teachers, will even mention hostels - generally is how difficult, all this will help you with the choice.

It is possible to be registered at an educational forum of your region and to see the subjects connected with higher education institutions, - usually here their advantages and shortcomings are discussed too. If is insufficiently and this information, you will be able to get own subject in the directions interesting you.

So, after these steps at you it has to develop more - less clear picture about prospects of the forthcoming receipt. It will be right there easy to decide also on the choice of objects on USE - as a rule, higher education institutions post information on necessary examinations in the section of the description of the directions of preparation.

Now with a sincere heart you can begin to prepare for examinations (since August - September!). And in the spring higher education institutions hold Open Days - it would be quite good to visit the chosen options and to learn new information firsthand. I remind that it is possible to file documents no more, than in 5 higher education institutions, but it is better to stop the choice on two - three.

Thus, by the time of the beginning of academic year at you the definite purpose to which there is a sense will aspire.

It very much will facilitate your life - you will not rush about in the choice any more, and will begin to prepare quietly and purposefully for certain examinations and for receipt in the educational institutions chosen by you.