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What does “the stylish hairdress“ mean?

What is style and what the stylish person differs from not stylish in, authentically nobody will tell. How many people, are so much also determination of style. But nevertheless, generally speaking, it is possible to formulate: style is a way of expression of outlook of the person.

Nobody will even tell, style - it is good or bad. Everyone likes own style and styles to which other people adhere are not pleasant. In the fifties the last century of the young people wishing to put on and brush the hair stylishly contemptuously called dandies. And today the being dandies are indignant with Ghats, punks and children of emo.

On style of a hairdress it is possible to distribute on two groups - ordinary, for every day, and a parabottom - days off, spectacular, for celebrations, holidays and other special cases.

Ordinary hairdresses are simple, simple, are sometimes negligent. Spectacular hairdresses do not allow any negligence, negligence - seeming is more right than them. Actually it is carefully planned negligence directed to maintenance of an image.

Styles and those, and other hairdresses it is possible to divide into such types:

1. Classical style is characterized by elegance, severity, completeness. Its forms and lines are accurate. As well as forms and fashion lines.

“Style - as crystal: gloss depends on its purity“. V. Hugo.

“The sign of the strict and squeezed style consists that you cannot throw out anything from work without harm on it“. B. Johnson.

2. Romantic style differs in blurring of lines, soft wavy hair are characteristic of it. He personifies pensiveness, a height, spiritual purity. Clothes - bright, elegant.

“Style is where God a thing kissed“. V. V. Rozanov “Fallen leaves“.

“In all trifling affairs style, but not sincerity is important. In all serious affairs - too“. Oscar Wilde.

3. Sports style is inherent in the people leading active lifestyle. He is not so strict as he classical, does not recognize excessive jewelry, but is convenient and practical. It is well combined with sportswear.

“For one style - it is a difficult way to speak about simple, for others - to tell an easy way about difficult“. Jean Cocteau.


hairdresses it is difficult for b to describe vanguard styles. They always advance time, it is difficult to keep up with them. Today they one, tomorrow - others.

“The fashion passes, style remains“. Coco Chanel.

“Image is an instant identity. It is instantly produced, instantly evaporates. Identity - style“. Oliver Hassenkamp.

5. Extravagant style - the call to modern fashion, is pulls together it with vanguard style a little. Distinction between them that admirers of extravagant style not just advance fashion, and seek to shock surrounding with appearance. Whether it is necessary to say that their clothes are a match for a hairdress.

“In elaborate style it is never necessary to look for deep thoughts“. George Christoph Likhtenberg.

“Incomprehensibility and airs - two largest lacks of style“. T. Makkolya.

6. Elegant style - the direct opposite extravagant, admirers of this style seek to strike with surrounding refinement of a hairdress and clothes, high art taste. Elegant style is close to classical, but is not so strict.

“Style is the aristocratism imposed by circumstances“. E. Hemingway.

“The fashion can be bought. Style needs to be had“. Edna Vulmen Chase. of

So, we will sum up the results. You learned that there is a lot of styles of hairdresses. You understood what style is what allocates you from a fashion rastirazhirovannost. You realized that if you do not create the style, nobody to you will create it. Style is what allows to recognize you in any shape. But if you feel that to you it is close within the style - safely break borders. It too stylishly!