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But whether not to try to us corn?

Corn are one of my favourite dishes, especially in summertime. This gold gift of summer is an example of a combination of good taste and usefulness for an organism. The corn can be an excellent year-round additive to various dishes.

Types of corn

the Most widespread types of corn are the following:





bursting (popkornovy);


filmy. us are most popular

U the three first a look.

The gear corn on - scientific is called as Zea Mays indentata. Grains of this look contain solid and soft starch and, ripening, get a shape of tooth. Gear corn - the main culture used as a food product for the person or animals and also as a commercial crop.

The siliceous corn is known under the scientific name Zea Mays indurata, grains of soft starch in it are completely captured by a rigid external layer. It is similar to the previous look and is used for the same purposes.

Sweet corn is used crude, tinned or frozen. She is different subspecies (Zea saccharata or Zea rugosa). It is characterized by the high content of sugar in grains of dairy ripeness.

Products from corn

Is not present at us other cultural plant from which it would be possible to receive so many products. The boiled white corn and popcorn are widely known for wonderful taste. From corn cook bread and the porridge called by a hominy. Oil (margarine) from corn does not concede to taste to butter.

The corn is a good source of B1 and B9 vitamins. Brings in an organism especially a lot of phosphorus and magnesium.

In the industry from different parts of a plant of corn make alcohol, paper, plastic, rubber for tires, synthetic fibers of which do fabrics for clothes, various medical supplies (a dextrin, glucose). Grain, a stalk and leaves of corn - excellent food for cattle.

Options of dishes

Boiled . Undoubtedly, the rating is headed by boiled corn, it is possible to use canned food in the winter, and in the summer - in the most natural form.

Baked : popcorn is traditional food when watch TV, go to cinema or walk down the street.

It is boiled - baked . There is an option of the boiled, and then baked corn that does it to more spicy on taste.

Boiled in salads : the corn is widely used in different types of salads, especially as a part of notorious Mexican salad. Boiled corn grains add to fish salads, macaroni salads, various summer salads and many others.

Soups and other dishes . The corn is used in a combination with other vegetables. It is one of the main ingredients for such dishes as a paella and the Peruvian soup.

Hominy . Traditionally the hominy is prepared from cornmeal.

Flour : cornmeal is the main product for preparation of sweet bread, cakes and cakes.

Well, and finally, an example of the recipe with corn. Salat New

- Meksiko

the Main ingredients:

of 200 g of green peas (tinned),

of 200 g of sweet corn (tinned),

of 2 big eggs,

of 6 pieces of proteins from big eggs,

of 1 St. spoon with top (15 g) of mayonnaise, it is desirable 30%.

of Spice:

curry Pinch.

salt Pinch.

pepper Pinch.


Put eggs in slightly added some salt water. You cook 10 minutes and at once place them under cold flowing water (that were easier cleaned). Mix corn and peas, withdraw 6 yolks, cut the remained 6 proteins and 2 eggs in cubes. Add the cut eggs to mix, add mayonnaise, salt and mix. Then add spice - a curry and pepper.


In - the first, excellent taste.

In - the second, easily and quickly to prepare.

In - the third, a dish richly full-fledged proteins of an animal origin with a small speed of absorption. The biological value of a protein in mix proteins / yolks in the ratio 8:2 is close to that in egg. Fat level in a moderate ratio 2:1, an animal to vegetable, with the low content of cholesterol. Carbohydrates are the prevailing component in a dish, but have a low glycemic index, at the same time slow, gradual and continuous absorption of carbohydrates is provided.

The dish is suitable for a lunch. Bon appetit!