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School days wonderful … Or a trap for future man?

of Reminiscence of school days do not leave indifferent, probably, anybody.

System of national education - one of the most conservative public institutes. Once the put traditions can exist in an invariable look decades. But any phenomenon once had the starting starting point.

And the modern education system developed in certain conditions and under the influence of absolutely specific objectives set for it. One of characteristic features of school business is the mixed coeducation, both boys, and girls.

The mixed training for some reason is considered some achievement, some kind of gain demonstrating equal rights of women, civil liberties and so on. As far as it so?

Hundred years ago about the mixed training in Russia there could not be also a speech. The system of national education of that time accurately was divided into women`s and men`s educational institutions. Characteristic of pre-revolutionary Russia was existence of specialized average educational institutions: humanitarian gymnasiums and real schools.

Of course, the condition of education in the Russian Empire does not need to be idealized. The vast majority of children and teenagers in general remained behind a threshold of school. Their main training happened within a family where they, generally, received enough data for adaptation to life. Even introduction of universal primary education was planned to be finished only by the end of 1920 - x years.

Certainly, Russia conceded in development of school business the basic, to the most developed countries of Europe. But looking with what and to whom to compare. Besides great powers there were tens more of the countries of Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Against a number of the countries which were carrying out at the beginning of the 20th century the accelerated, catching up modernization of the whole sectors of the economic and public life, the autocratic empire, in general, was a little allocated. In the countries with the most ancient culture, such as Spain or Italy the general literacy of the population essentially did not differ from Russia.

Thus, widespread idea of lapotny illiterate Russia vegetating on boondocks of the cultural shining Europe is generally the myth. It is created by the Soviet promotion from an easy hand of companions, the most part of the life carried out just abroad and very vaguely imagining what the country such Russia which they so amicably tried to defame is. At the same time, at all without disdaining to live just at the expense of “this country“.

The situation sharply changed in 1920 - e years when in the Soviet Russia rough rates tried to create the new person. Deleting of distinctions becomes one of stated purposes at this time (!) between the man and the woman. In what specifically this purpose consisted also how it was tried to be realized not really clear.

The part of one of the main tools in creation of the new person was assigned to the Soviet school. Two former revolutionaries headed this process: Krupskaya and Kollontay.

And in 1920 - e and in 1930 - e years various experiments poured on national education in abundance. From them now it is somehow not accepted to remember the most part. And in vain. History with attempt of the political management from Komsomol is very curious. There was once such organization.

According to requirements of Marxism, one of tasks of Komsomol eradication of a family as the become obsolete social institute and promotion of a community, both men, and women was. The protocol of one of typical Komsomol meetings of those years remained. On it the issue of an exception of the young girl of Komsomol for refusal to live together with members of primary cell and “backward“ desire to marry was resolved.

Anyway, but in 1920 - e years the basic principles on which the Soviet school developed all next decades were underlain. Humanitarian gymnasiums and real schools disappeared. They are succeeded by mass high school with the mixed training - both boys, and girls.

Except for the short-term period at a boundary 1940 - 1950 - x years when again tried to return separate training, in general the principle of the mixed school lived up to now. Nobody not plainly knows from what and as everything began, but the developed tradition admits as unique.

The modern Russian school in reality represents a classical petticoat government. Pedagogical collectives for 90 - 95% consist of women. But a half of pupils is made by boys and they as it strange differ from girls and psychologically and physiologically a little.

At the same time - teachers the attitude towards boys as to the wrong girls, some kind of freak of nature is characteristic of most of women.

As a result there is a paradoxical situation. In the most responsible and years, important for education of the man, the main impact on it is made by women. In literature there was even a term “feminization of men“ - a situation when in behavior of men typically female lines are quite often shown. And one of the main reasons for this phenomenon - the mixed school training under continuous female influence.

Of course, one may say, that this statement of a question is big simplification. But both Volga begins with a streamlet, and the social phenomena have the starting point. And at school within 9 - 11 years more than it is enough petticoat government to undermine education of young men to the basis.

What way out from which, apparently, there is no exit. History of education prompts that there is nothing better than traditional pedagogics when men, and girls - women are engaged in education of young men.

The modern Russian legislation of separate training does not forbid. In Federal Law “About Education“ in general nothing is told about it. The law only demands ensuring the equal rights in access to education irrespective of a floor. But creation of separate men`s and women`s schools does not limit nobody`s rights at all.

At once there is a question: And what it changes? From where at men`s schools men - tutors can appear? There will be same 95% of women, as today at the mixed schools.

But it far not so. The available examples of creation of mainly men`s educational institutions in the form of cadet schools, the Cossack classes and so on show that at desire the man`s personnel are completed quickly enough. Such purpose just is not set. Besides the personnel also should not be completely man`s, there has to be only a prevailing man`s influence. Some part of women all the same will remain.

A task in only as much as possible to limit their influence during formation of characters of young men. At schools it is a little men not because there a low wage, and in many respects because not everyone will be able to adapt to life in a female environment.

Whether creation of men`s schools in practice is possible? And why is not present? It is enough material resources. Organizationally process simple. To part pupils on a floor on two next schools and all: boys - on the left, girls - to the right.

But there are other reasons. Huge influence of the developed pedagogical lobby which on millimeter will not go even for possible restriction of the power. The resolute leading ladies though will trample an elephant at the first signs of redistribution of the power and financial streams.

Today`s education quite often goes on the way of creation of expensive correctional schools with not quite clear aims and even less clear tasks.

It turned out that to stimulate weakness and an illness it is more favorable - than health and force. Unfortunately, education tries to fight against the crisis created by him.