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Flight over a chasm. Whether there is a way from Golgotha?

“Too long looking in a chasm should be remembered,

as a chasm peers into it“.

(Friedrich Nietzsche).

Already a little at whom the diagnosis of modern Russian society as “chronically sick“ raises doubts. Another thing is that the treatments methods at all different. It is naive to believe in omnipotence of policy. Sometimes seriously consider that it is enough to re-elect once again the president and ruling party as “bright future“ is simply inevitable. Actually everything is not so simple, but also is “not absolutely deadly“. At desire the situation is quite reversible. Bye. Society in general gives in to the directed influence. The most part of the history the mankind with this different success was also engaged. Ability to influence public processes distinguishes the civilized people from the tribe of cannibals.

If attentively to read materials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then, at first sight, it becomes just horrible. At once there is an involuntary wish to leave where - nibud to the region of New Zealand. Safety of the person in Russia is not guaranteed practically in any way. The overall picture of crimes strikes even not so much with the cynicism, how many full contempt for human life per se. Absolute majority, to 80%, murders have no relation to the organized crime. This consequence is drunk - the family conflicts when persistently it becomes clear: who to whom “the first pushed around“.

According to the famous general of militia and the scientist Alexander Gurov, to 100 thousand killed a year - such is a payment for neglect human life. Even in rather quiet 1992 the probability to be the killed in Russia was 2,5 times higher, than in the USA “armed cap-a-pie“. And the killed not in heroic fight for next “bright future“, and having left in shop behind bread.

In the mad state where there is a persistent war “all against all“ the first victims there are the weakest: women and children. The Russian women, the most beautiful in the world, at the same time one of the most defenseless. By estimates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs no more than 2% of the actual number of the made rapes officially are registered. The others fade “into the background“ when women either cannot, or are afraid to set in motion to criminal case.

This situation developed not one year, but decades. Contempt for human life in Russia became a norm. The number of the people who passed through “places of confinement“ gives in to the account hardly. By one estimates every sixth, on others - every fourth adult man in Russia at least managed to visit once prison. In a number of areas, especially in the north, it is theoretically impossible to find “the man who was not sitting“ even. The suffering party again women. “The dear husband in yellow boots“ is drunk, behind bars. And when it is sober and on freedom - that thrashes within an inch of the life. The second or third time the prison any more not and is terrible.

It is possible to oppose to this wildness only education, especially the highest which sharply changes the person, culture and religion. As a rule, they are most effective in interaction. The role of church in this case is incomparable. Full unbelief in the nature does not happen. Until the brain works, in consciousness of the person there is a certain picture of the world and system of values. As a rule, they coincide with this or that religious or pseudo-religious doctrine. The nature of emptiness does not suffer. If the person does not believe in God, he begins to believe in pseudo-gods. Anyone can be them: Satan, Hitler, Mun or just block birch.

Christianity in the basis this doctrine vital. In the center of his idea of Revival, value, value and uniqueness of life. Refusal of life, suicide is a very grave sin. Life is valuable here and now. It is unique, and nobody has the right to deprive of her person.

Christian precepts are very simple and cogitable any. You do not want to get to prison - do not commit a crime. Treat another as you would like that treated you.

The doctrine of pseudo-religion is directly opposite. It is based on a zhizneotritsaniye. The value of the person has no value here and now. The purpose - a certain ideal society, incredibly other world. In the center idea of sacrifice, suffering. The more - the better, the ultimate goal - one big cemetery is closer than the victims and suffering. It is a way in anywhere - to self-damage and self-destruction.

New in this world happens extremely seldom. In the Middle Ages there were such related sects as Manicheans, Bogomils, katara and Waldensians. In the center of their doctrine there was an idea of suffering and sinfulness of the world. To avoid suffering, it is possible only having passed from this world to the world other. Denial of value of life full, real cult of suicide. Full refusal of the help to the diseased because his death is a fastest transition to the best world. At the same time the property of the dead is inherited by a community top: “devoted“ which quickly saved up enormous riches and were directly interested in the fastest and it is desirable fuller self-destruction of the followers. As usual, behind any structure there are always those who “drag“ also those who are “dragged“.

Katara put all Southern France on a self-destruction side. If knights did not crush a sect top, from French there is no person left for a long time. In general. Huge riches “devoted“ at the same time disappeared completely. Seven centuries “gold of party“ haunts seekers of treasures, but is ineffectual.

Aspiration to suffering and self-damage, is inherent, unfortunately, in human nature. The dark, destructive beginning is put in the person. Realizing this danger, mankind, all the history, tries to oppose something to it. The religion was the most effective method only.

Orthodoxy played in Russia even a big role, having become the main ethnoforming sign. The concept Russian becomes identical to concept the Orthodox Christian. For Orthodoxy, people not capable to cope with dark sides of the personality is, first of all, unfortunate, the patients destroying generally itself. In the last ten years physicians openly write that people in Russia often began to die because just do not want to live. The person does not know what to do with the life, cannot dispose of it. On the frequency of suicides Russia caught up with world “leaders“: Scandinavians and Hungarians.

People are confused in leapfrog of ideological splinters. The way from darkness for each person painful, and is unaided painful doubly.

Efficiency of any social programs can be measured only over time. Eventually, their activity is directed to improvement of social habitat of the person.

And the main indicator - not committed crimes and the kept human lives. It is necessary to understand accurately that every day fight and counteraction to Orthodoxy in spiritual vacuum of our time is, in - the first, irrevocably lost lives, and in - the second, actions absolutely anti-Russian.