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Why to zrit in a root?

What does our life uncomfortable, aimless and, sometimes, intolerable? Who will answer this question going from soul depth? And to whom to set it to receive such answer after which there was a wish to live in a new way there would come changes?

Often we do not trust in the best and we continue to live according to the scenario which for themselves was written. As there was life monotonous, gray and aimless, and proceeds without any gleam. But an exit always is!

On certain intervals of time we have different vital purposes. For all are habitual: study at school, acquisition of specialty, the family device, the birth and education of children, construction or just purchase of housing.

And here the purposes directed not to personal are put not often. There is an opinion: everything, as for our requirements, let gives the state, provides, executes. From it and demand for our not device, for a condition of life of old men, the unhappy childhood of the homeless and vegetation of bums …

A what to take from us - personally from everyone - for society? So far we will think so that all owe us - me it is necessary, and here the law wrong etc., problems will not depart from us, as if we tried.

What to undertake that life changed for the better, and there would come desirable changes? It is necessary to ask a question only to itself. At first - whether correctly I think because thoughts are followed by the corresponding actions, and then - that I tell because words are embodied in reality and have property to materialize.

With what to begin?

Question not rhetorical, and the most practical. Here and the answer which forces to look in a root of all our problems:

to Want to deal with itself, not with someone, apparently, guilty of gloomy high living, namely with itself, it is very simple to

I loved … to make it. There is a saying “Against scrap there is no reception“, and against truth there is no reception except how to study themselves: to learn the professional suitability i.e. to what business the soul lies and brings joy and satisfaction? To understand and believe that you also are capable to change something in economy, policy, culture, mass media etc. - the choice for you.

Where it is not pleasant to you what it is impossible to look at and concerning what constantly you are indignant, it also is your sphere of influence. You also should not condemn and to take offense at the existing order, or is more true, somewhere a disorder, and to direct that which you consider reasonable.

One words, meetings and protests with our habitual perception of the world to change nothing. Only through our actions in the sphere of influence there will be changes in life of each of us. Everyone will be able to affect that part of the life which does not suit it, does not satisfy.

The offer of the ideas on transformation of this or that sphere of life and their realization with adherents - definitely will change not only our private life, but also society in general. Therefore the priority - to learn this sphere and that we want to change in it (for example, in the social sphere). Without the updated thinking we will not be able to change consciousness of those who in power, in health care, culture, economy …

Especially it concern education. As knowledge is given to pupils about anything, only not about an interior even if it and seven-year age. All of us know

: what is good and what is bad. But how to make that this bad became in life as little as possible, clearly not always.

So to recognize itself, to get rid of what disturbs successful life - a priority of those who were not defined yet and does not keep at a place in the sun yet - the business intended by destiny.