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Than we escape during a heat? I do not know drinks

as at you, and in our latitudes the summer goes over with variable success. Two weeks of a rain are replaced in the solar days, and after speak rapidly heavy rains again. But we made optimistic rejoice at least to the sun. And what else to do to Belarusians after devaluation of national currency and noticeable deficiency in shops? And that the pleasure was sound, we brighten up our gray everyday life color, tasty and - you will not believe! - useful drinks.

I admit, reading recipes of some of them, I did not believe that from the offered ingredients something acceptable can turn out. But risked and … it was possible! Each of these three drinks is checked on my beloved family, they were fallen in love even by children. And they at me big fastidious persons. So, we start. on - Slavic

This recipe many for certain remember

of the Forfeit from the hungry childhood. Very conveniently - from one orange to prepare several liters of vkusnyushchy drink it seems forfeits, only without gas. But just in case we will remind. For preparation it is required to us:

Orange - 1 piece

Sugar - to taste, at me leaves about three quarters of a glass.

Boiled water - 4 - 5 liters.

lemon Juice, lemon acid - absolutely a little. Orange we wash

and we put at several o`clock in a deep freeze. We get and rub on a grater. Occupation this very difficult because the cold continually strives to burn fingers. The benefit to rub one orange not really - that long, it is possible and to suffer. Further we add sugar, lemon juice (lemon acid) and about 1 liter of cold water to the received weight.

Properly we stir all this and we leave for some time to be defended. Term does not matter. There will be enough half an hour. Further water should be decanted. Orange weight is very much loved by children and husbands - it is possible not to throw out. And the received drink is diluted to 4 - 5 liters. In total. We store in the refrigerator, we drink quickly.


Too very familiar recipe. It is good the fact that not choosy persons in food can use drink not just as addition to a dinner, and as a full-fledged dinner - so it turns out nourishing. For its preparation we need the blender and which - what ingredients:

Milk - 0,5 - 0,75 liters.

Banana - 1 piece.

Ice cream ice cream, white - half-packs. can take

For color berries of strawberry, bilberries - will approach also frozen.

All ingredients several minutes mix up in the blender. I think, the mixer in this case too the good assistant. If bilberry in refrigerator granaries nevertheless was found, then your drink will get a surprising violet shade. The more berries, the nasyshchenny shade.

And for a dessert (though what there a dessert?) I offer absolutely exclusive...

Drink from parsley

to us is required by

… to

Ah yes, the blender is necessary again. Now strictly - that, which a bowl.

2 bunches of parsley. Is possible less, is possible more - all proportions are very conditional.

1 - 2 spoons of honey or half-glass of sugar.

1 liter of boiled cold water.

Several cubes of ice (it is possible also without them, but so recommended to me).

Juice of a lemon or lemon acid. Parsley we wash

, we cut, we throw in the blender. There we send ice and we add a little, grams hundred, waters. All this business mixes up to homogeneous mass. And further trick. We filter, I throw then the crushed parsley into soups - nothing so, is only green painfully. And in a voditsa who from a fragrant grass was painted in green color, we add honey, lemon juice and the rest of water.

Drink turns out turned sour - sweet and very saturated on a shade. However, I should shake up it constantly (can, I am lazy well to filter). Of course, if you recognized parsley as drug, such drink will not suit you at all, but I for summer of accustoming did not notice.

Here such here unpretentious recipes. I hope, their preparation and a potchevaniye of eager will fill hot days with additional freshness. Almost like in advertizing. Only here all naturally.