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In Ivan the Terrible`s rooms. How many secrets in the Aleksandrovsky settlement? Part 2

Ioann lived mostly in the Settlement of Aleksandrovskaya which became the city decorated with tserkva, houses, benches stone “.

(I. Karamzin. “History of the state Russian“).

Near Sennik bed where Ivan the Terrible spent several first marriage nights, the Table, so-called Table chamber of the 16th century is located. At a long table ate food brought closer reigning, guardsmen, boyars, foreign ambassadors. All dining room is completely upholstered with fabric, the prevailing color - red.

Ate then “on the contrary“ - since snack and finishing with soups and soups. The lunch in Table chamber began at 12 o`clock. Leftovers could be given to the poor - such is there was a principle of monastic life. Ivan saw the Settlement as the monastery: called himself the Abbot, and “guardsmen of 300 people, the angriest, called bratiyeyu“ (Karamzin). To the Dining room also women - but here in what quality, unclear were allowed. Write that meals often came to an end with orgies, and in general monastic life of the tsar and his confidants was combined with the wildest debauchery.

And under the Dining room and Sennik bed - huge and terrible cellars of Ivan the Terrible. The whole second underground house built not only for storage of barrels with wine and products - pined there and prisoners and guardsmen of the first tsar vseya Russia raged in tortures.

Ivan the Terrible`s grandmother is Sofya Paleolog - was from the last dynasty of emperors of Byzantium. Ivan the Fourth inherited from it big library in which there were Greek, Latin, Hebrew manuscripts. It is considered that books were stored in cellars about the tsar`s rooms, these cellars could be connected by underground passages with other hiding places and back streets. The library mysteriously disappeared, many believe that there is still a hope to find its traces in the Aleksandrovsky settlement.

the Temple in the temple - architectural nested dolls

Behind fortifications of the Aleksandrovsky settlement - entirely architectural masterpieces. The Aleksandrovsky Settlement was built up by the Russian architects and the Italian architects. The most rare sample of the Russian tent architecture - Raspyatsky church. In it more ancient church - Alexia Mitropolita is hidden. From a belltower of this temple Nikitka - the unknown genius Srednevekovya also departed. Departed - and did not break.

the Russian Icarus - Nikitka Holop

“… the person not a bird not to imat wings... For this druzhestvo with evil spirit to behead the inventor. To throw a body of the damned dog stinking to pigs on eating up. And an invention, like a diavolska the help equipped, after bozhestvennyya fire to burn liturgies“ . (it is assumed - from a sentence of Grozny to Nikita).

In the history of mankind it, perhaps, the first case of aeronautics. The lackey over the settlement on the constructed wooden wings dared to soar up. Also it soared up, most likely, from here - with 56 - a meter belltower of Raspyatsky church. “The nasty aircraft“ was burned, Nikitka was executed. Tortures and executions of that time do not give in to the description owing to their boundless cruelty. It is known, for example, that in the Settlement there were many manual and wild bears. The tsar liked to fill with bears on people - when for intimidation when funs for the sake of. Ivan the Terrible was cruel, is cruel even with the relatives.

The bloody drama between the father and the son - that here from a legend, and that from the truth? The fact remains: after death of the son Ivan promptly left the Settlement and did not come back any more. But Settlement history on it did not end, be continued Marfina`s


lived In the Aleksandrovsky settlement not only Ryurik dynasty, but subsequently and Romanov. I from the last, that is Mikhail Fedorovich, decided: “to be here … in the Aleksandrovsky settlement to a monarchic horomny structure for the tsar and his queen“. The settlement got also to Peter I - there lived his mother and the spouse.

And after Streletsky revolt to Raspyatsky church chambers in which ground the stepsister of Pyotr Marfa Alekseevna were attached. She was accused of complicity to the tsarevna Sofya. Marfa violently was tonsured and she lived in the monastery under a name of Margarita. Many personal belongings of the disgraced tsarevna - nuns remained: quite thorough leather chair, a mica screen door, a chest with kitchen accessories (there is even a form for bread there). Marfa - Margarita lived in the monastery at the Settlement of 10 years, in the same place and died.

Wanted to cloister also Peter I Elizabeth`s daughter. She was banished to the Aleksandrovsky settlement, lived there too 10 years and returned to Moscow to get married on a kingdom. We know her as the empress Elizabeth Petrovna. Pyotr saw off in vicinities of the Settlement of the doctrine of the of “amusing troops“. From them two Guards regiments - Preobrazhenskiy and Semenovsky, become subsequently a basis of the Russian regular army were created.

In the second half of the 17th century in the territory of the imperial residence the Uspensky convent was arranged. Now the Settlement - a big complex which architectural and historical monuments enter (that is the memorial estate) and the operating convent - It is sacred - Uspensky. In the territory of the monastery surprisingly beautiful and very young girls meet … archeologists Work as

at the territory of the Settlement also. Over and over again all opens a new and new laying. What will she tell us further? Or will only add new riddles?