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“You wrote me?. I read...“ It is frivolous about writers and readers of

Not the first time we address a reading subject. Perhaps not such actual in ours (prepare, there will be an epithet, something the “uneasy“ or “prompt“ type now) time of short messages and LJ - chats - forums, but... Books - that is! And them someone, I will not be afraid of this word, wrote, so, read.

Yes, most likely, nothing new will be possible to tell on a reading subject. Spoke earlier, and spoke fascinatingly, gave thoughts the necessary shape - and the reader understood everything... Well, or almost everything. So it turns out always when there is an author and there is a reader. So, without special morning freshness, but with a bonus already for one attempt of consideration of a subject, we will be convinced that thoughts of the author can be understood:

And. Completely. Though doubts are, as the author in all volume and up to the end written-down thoughts understands unless he got very clever and consecutive, but such it is a little now... already because seldom who writes Treatises, and very few people from mere mortals read proofs of the theorem of Fermat; but years through 100 there will be some Belinsky and all ambiguities of last century as on a silver platter will present... as usual, with a blue kayomochka.

B. Mostly and in the main weight. It is simple as “Once upon a time there was at the grandmother a greyish goat...“ or “There lived at the granny two cheerful geese...“ Because the subject line is traced at once by the reader and as Ariadna`s thread, leads in hidden fight... Yes! The reader quite often enters hidden fight with one of heroes, and sometimes and not with one. Argues, opposes it, and sometimes... Here, would kill, such hero is disgusting... Who only thought up it?

Here for the reader there comes time of the H, or That time when it does so: having marked a finger a page on which stopped, and for fidelity having noticed what there tsifirka correspond to it, closes a cover and... watches a name of the author of the book. Having with satisfaction hemmed, continues the way, namely: comes back to the necessary page and takes away a finger. As option: sharply starts reading the preface and takes away a finger (page No. independently keeps in memory).

It is possible and not to understand century A. Should tell that reading with a signature stamp “Top secret“, and simply telling, “no fig to understand“ is the most fascinating reading what the author can only think up. Be not mistaken concerning a book genre: not the fact that it will be the spy novel or A. Marinina`s detective. By no means. Words in such novel (and on volume it, as a rule, pages 556) the author uses the simplest, but here their combinations...

You will be torn through combinations of words how Indiana Jones through thickets when he already was on the way to a cave with gold and where then flooded them, you remember?. Or you will be torn through combinations of words how the person who is escaping from prison and precisely knowing that your accomplice cut down electricity (and suddenly did not cut down?! - cold sweat!) exactly for 4 minutes 23 seconds, and passatizh for some reason slide in a hand, and you the lefthander, and left not handily to have a bite a wire, and the count of seconds which you keep on a rhythm does not coincide with a wire “kryk“... And if you read up (not to confuse with you “will count“) up to the end, then can safely sing to yourself a laudatory song and be not surprised if you suddenly, unexpectedly, do not fit into a doorway on height and you will touch it with the top. It means one: you fine grew up lately!

As a rebus - a crossword puzzle. Mysteriousness does not belong to a plot at all. More likely, it is the author`s concept and the general idea which is quietly sounded as a certain appeal to reader`s mind - reason: and become - you, the reader, Ivan - the tsarevitch and solve - three riddles of the tsar, but you will not solve three riddles - you will not open all truth author`s.

If absolutely just to explain, then it is similar to toothpaste purchase, and not just purchase, and executed in haste and with a defiance by the important fact: and for what, actually, you hasty paid such money on cash desk? And as to you kayfovo will stand in the strange morning in your bathroom and to guess: interestingly, what color there will be a paste (if only not simple white!) ? And what drive you feel when exempted from a foil circle on you from a brand new tube (here it is possible to hesitate slightly for greater effect, “not to leaf through the page“) the droplet of extraordinary black color looks. You made it! You solved an author`s riddle!

A can be felt. Men pokhokhatyvat: it about the female novel the speech. Anything similar! It about the widely-read reader the speech. From the first page you become Gone with the Wind. Turns you, throws - here all your body feels the movement, you catch smells and feel taste... You never took a brush in hand? - nonsense! Exactly from that minute as you began to read, you became the artist knowing laws of prospect as well as the schedule of cutoff of hot water in your area.

First it can even be pleasant, but on p. 89 you suddenly will understand that you already everything that is possible, experienced, tried everything, smelled everything and now you have one: to open the last page and to read the Epilogue... Well, of course! You and thought: happy end.