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Hypermarkets: we fill up granaries with the “spoiled“ money?

the Management of one of networks of the most popular hypermarkets were very not satisfied with the separate item of expenditure still a year ago.

That, as for the taxation of the goods, in the course of storage which became useless. The Russian tax law for some reason and from such type of goods provides a tax!

From the point of view of benefit - why to pay a tax on sales (or from profit) from what is not sold, and it is spoiled? Here straight losses to the enterprise. Here a tax on the sold food and other goods - it is logical, and is accepted by economists of a network as inevitability. At insistance of the head of department of the taxation the whole group of economists began to work on possible solutions of annoying misunderstanding.

As a result by the end of 2010 the network nevertheless pushed a number of documents on all imaginable channels - and now with smiles counts the income from failure to pay taxes on the spoiled goods. And today - already the second half of the year 2011!

Tax specialists cannot still understand subtleties though essentially against such policy of a large distribution network. How many funds during this time from the spoiled goods “are saved“?

It is necessary only to guess as the accounting of those decayed products and expired canned food and who is guilty of their unfitness to realization is made. It is useful to notice that it is possible to refer to this category easily subsequently unclaimed and stale goods which are not realized in due time.

Conveniently, isn`t that so? Did not sell goods, delayed? Well and let to ourselves, we will transfer it to category of spoiled and we will not pay from it income taxes!

Interesting the fact that also other not less large distribution networks of Russia can follow the similar example in all cities of our immense country. How many products spoil in their warehouse and on whose fault it occurs?

Similar projects threaten the budget with solid tears, and taxes form not only a salary of teachers and doctors, but also pension, and children`s grants. It would be much better if this “spoiled“ money went to destination.

The existing system of the legislation always somewhere is imperfect, and tax - including. However really representatives of the tax inspection do not see obvious things? It is necessary to make responsible employees and authorized officials who are guilty that the goods are delayed. The fair measure will lead to the fact that employees of distribution networks will not be interested at all in that products were gone.

Perhaps the decayed products were stored not in those conditions - what it, negligence or the thought-over measure of decrease in taxes and receiving excess profit? In this case the direct head of shop, or perhaps who has to be responsible for losses above.

And where then goods expired go?

Whatever you may say, our people - with the Russian mentality - can inventively arrange the evasion from payments and to look right, having earned spare cash.

The best way of protection - attack!