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How to choose blinds in office?

to Surprise someone with existence in office of such detail of an interior as of blinds , you see, is impossible. Having appeared in the domestic market rather recently, they everything in two decades strongly became usual for apartments and in an interior of office rooms. Today there is a wide choice of these light-protective systems differing on functionality, production material, design and price range.

If before you there was a question how to choose blinds in office, it is necessary to remember that correctly chosen attire for windows can significantly affect an esthetics and comfortableness of a study.

How to pick up blinds for office room?

For a start decide by

on appointment which will be carried out by blinds at office, and characteristics to which they have to correspond.

Their main function consists in:

- regulation of the light stream flowing on screens of computer monitors and desktops;

- regulation of air streams (drafts);

- reflection of excess heat in summertime of year;

- repayment of the noise getting from the outside;

- giving of special image and the status of firm, in case of use of qualitative expensive blinds with a logo of firm .

Types of blinds

the Most known option of office blinds is an inexpensive design from the located horizontally narrow plastic levels (lamels) connected by a special cotton suspension bracket - a short flight of stairs. The design is supplied with a cord for rise - lowering of lamels (the movement strictly up and down) and eaves - a suspension bracket. By means of the rotary mechanism and the handle - the lever the provision of lamels is regulated from tightly closed to completely open. For management of a design it is necessary to make some efforts therefore the mechanism often breaks.

Horizontal blinds differ with the lamel width (16, 25 and 50 mm), production material (plastic, fabric, a tree, plastic “under a tree“, a bamboo). Surfaces of lamels can be punched and nonperforated.

More reliable mechanism vertical blinds which design consists of eaves, lamels and the operating block possess . Lamels settle down vertically and can move to the left or to the right, from the center, to open a window completely. The choice of shift of lamels depends on how shutters of windows open.

Treat feature of the operating block of vertical blinds, in - the first, a cord with mobile freight and a chain, in - the second, the small weights (delays) placed on the lower ends of lamels. Each lamel is suspended to eaves in an individual order. Rotation around a vertical axis is carried out by means of an above-mentioned chain, shift happens by means of a cord aside.

Lamels of vertical blinds are strips of synthetic fabric (polyester) 9-13 centimeters wide.

Also they can be made of fabric (for example, translucent or opaque “zhakkard - a metallic“, plastic and others). The multiimpressive types of blinds made of two and more types of fabric are known.

Even more often at offices it is possible to meet rolled blinds . They are very mobile in use: fasten not only to a ceiling or a window frame, but also in an interwindow opening, and to a wall. In assembled form represent the narrow roller. Reveal in the direction by means of a starting cord down. Rolled blinds have small weight, are made of polyester or fabric with the special impregnation interfering burning out.

Admirers of corporate style should pay attention to a special kind of vertical and rolled blinds - so-called composite blinds . Fragments of large images can be placed with them on a front surface. For example, logo of firm, copy of a picture or even full-length photo of the head of your organization.

The image can be any, everything depends only on desire of the customer. Such blinds look originally and give to office the memorable, stylish look.