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Punctuality: whether it is always possible to learn to be in time?

In my opinion, the subject of punctuality is deprived of attention. There is a great lot of the most different articles, books, the websites and blogs devoted a time - to management, a management skill time, but I never read in such sources how to be punctual. And it is extremely important!

For a start remember how often you fall into a state of late? If it does not happen to you also you always in time, then accept my congratulations and stop reading this article - it not for you. But something prompts to me that such people who always in time, it is a little.

Of course, all have circumstances and the reasons, nobody is late just like that, but here a riddle: one almost always come to a meeting in time, and others are almost always late. But circumstances at all same!

Means, the reason not in employment of the person, in his load. It is rather on the contrary, busier persons try to come to precisely fixed time. And the reason for that simple - they appreciate the time and time of people with which they should work.

Remember other situation now: you come to a meeting, and there nobody. You half an hour attentively consider the people leaving the subway, and the person with whom the appointment is made, is not here. How do you feel? I think, not really. You want that your meeting began positively - you arrive on time.

There is one more extreme which was suffered in due time by me. When made me an appointment, I almost was never late, but to seem punctual, I came to the place of minutes for 20 before.

And so, punctuality is an art to arrive on time. Not later and not earlier, and precisely in due time.

Whether it is possible to learn it? Of course. And understanding that the problem with punctuality is has to become the first stage. The understanding that it is bad to be late is already big step on the way to punctuality.

More clearly to imagine negative consequences of delay, put yourself to the place of expecting. To wait - it is very unpleasant, so also think what relation is formed at the person who waits for you. Instantly the trust falls - if you cannot guarantee the emergence at a meeting in time what to speak about the rest! Waiting begins to transfer circumstances to itself: if the person is late - means, does not respect my time. The mood falls. All this does not add to you points, and only spoils the first impression.

To the contrary, if you come to precisely fixed time, then you instantly receive a considerable bonus. Now you treat, as the person who appreciates personal and others` time, keeps these promises, on whom it is possible to rely.

As soon as you realized need of development for yourself of skill of punctuality, it is possible to start this development.

I will give a number of useful habits which helped me to develop with themselves skill to be always in time, I think, these methods will work also at you.

1. Agree on exact time.

the Phrase “Let`s occur around three at the subway“ will not stimulate you to arrive to the meeting place exactly to three. And concept “near“ at everyone a miscellaneous. So always report exact time of a meeting.

2. Right after purpose of a meeting estimate, in how many you it will be necessary to leave.

If you it do not make

, then it is very probable that bethink only at the latest moment.

3. You learn to estimate, what is the time you will be in way.

It, by the way, it is very easy for h2 to make

. You need to break all the time which you spend for a way and collecting, for several parts, duration of each of which you precisely know.

For example to put on, you need 13 minutes, 2 minutes on closing the apartment and to go down on the elevator, 15 minutes to go to the subway. Total, to reach the subway, you will need 30 minutes. By the subway you, most likely, often are only at several stations: where you study, you work where there live relatives to whom you often come. How many to go to these stations, you know precisely. It will be your reference points. If to Sennaya Square I always reach in 10 minutes, then to Institute of technology to go three minutes more. It is more difficult when you have to go by minibuses and buses. It is unknown precisely how many for them to wait and as long they will go. On this case - the following item.

4. Allocate time with a stock

you Remember: to come earlier - it is not really healthy, it is it is all the same best of all, than to be late therefore do a time stock, especially if there is a probability that you will get to a stopper or will long wait for the necessary transport. You remember, the more precisely you will estimate time at ways, the less time to you it is necessary to wait.

5. Control time when you can control it.

you can accelerate the movement of the train in the subway? I doubt. And so also do not take a steam bath. If you go to the subway, in the car, by plane - as if strongly you were not late, you can already make nothing. So relax, nerves still will be useful to you. But you can quicken the pace when you go down the street, to be run a little if you see a green signal of the traffic light or the transport approaching on a stop, as a last resort, you can run on the escalator. As soon as you appear in a situation when the speed of your movement depends on you, look at the watch and make the decision whether you need to hurry.

6. Do not allow themselves to be late.

situations when you perfectly know that you can be late Happen and to you for it nothing will be. And so, do not allow themselves to be late even in these cases. Studying on the fourth year, I precisely knew that my delay in institute on couples anybody will not be noticed, I will just quietly come into audience, and nobody will reprimand me for it. When I began to allow to be late in institute, noticed that, in principle, it became much more difficult for me to arrive on time. I began to be late for other meetings from - for the fact that gave itself a weak point at institute. If you make the decision to be punctual, then it has to be forever.

7. Put clock for two minutes ahead.

Let you will have spare two minutes. When you learn to come precisely in due time, can put clock back. By the way, these two minutes often help out when you need to reach the necessary office, to rise on the elevator by the 18th floor, to receive the temporary admission at the security guard etc. of

8. You think positively.

you ask

: at what here it? And I will answer you that it is nearly the major point. Believe if you leave the house with thought “Not to be late!“, that your subconsciousness will apprehend this phrase without particle “not“. Also will take great pain to satisfy your request, more precisely what from it remained, namely: “To be late!“. Moreover, when you think positively (“I will be in time!“), surprising in the way transport, less time comes quicker you spend in traffic jams … Well or to you will seem so … Anyway, your mood will be much better if you surely declare to yourself that all of you will be in time.

9. If you are late - warn.

Very simple and at the same time important point. If so it happened that you are late, call the person who expects you, and warn him about it. Believe, all negative which could arise from - for your delay will disappear.

10. You are responsible for your time.

Should not shift the blame for the delay on others. There are situations when you objectively can make nothing, but they meet not too often (if you think differently, I advise once again to read this article). In the majority of situations responsible for delay are you therefore I advise in cases of delay to give yourself feedback next time not to repeat mistakes.

If you follow these to 10 points, then, most likely, you will have no problems with delay. You learn to be in time, train and your punctuality will be envied, and to respect you.