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And you know that it is necessary for you in this life? And, main thing, who?

If at the birth the instruction for application, then of how many unpleasant breakages we would be relieved was attached to us.

You represent it here the annex to the newborn:

“Instruction to the boy No. 675432987“ of

1. To call Valera.

2. To praise two times a week.

3. To punish it is exclusive deprivation of sweet.

4. Training in technical science is preferable.

5. In the partner the girl by the name of Sveta suits, to No. 675432990.

Well and so on …

Point No. 5 is the most important! You represent this correct, faultless world? And how experience, mistakes, cones, tests, disappointments …? Nonsense! Everything is painted and is applied!

Or, such dialogue:

- Darling I do not marry you - in the instruction there was other number, I was without points!

- Oh, and I thought that you rejected some! All right, I will go to look for

, with it precisely to me it will be very good!

And the majority for any benefits will not want to lose experiences, passions, disappointments! Everyone has an opportunity to do nonsenses! And these nonsenses suit such dushetryaseniye! With them passions and emotions rage, tells heart, the brain is disconnected … Yes, it very much disturbs, it exhausts, brings to unpredictable actions (or predictable)! But as heart as breath fades begins to fight … And as the beam of a solar plexus shines! On that it and solar to radiate! Happen good luck and failure, the tragedy and misfortune. People love, leave … Do not love, live together … Love, cannot see enough and inhale … Revenge and forgive … Leave and come back …

And still, and still... Though to us the instruction is also not issued at the birth though we also are not numbered, but all - we are sent to this world in couples. Yes the Lord will forgive me! Entertainment is such! Boringly without games and jokes! Here also such pair vypuskaniye to the world is thought up from above … Only we do not know each other, and according to number will not be verified... And if to someone carries, then he will find and will make out the half intuitively. And if does not carry, then as it will turn out … Can find the remarkable satellite and to be absolutely happy … Can look for all life and to be lonely … Can live in a constant nightmare with others half … Can change satellites as gloves and to be absolutely happy with life, or not happy... To whom as will carry.

And can not make out the couple in time, not manage to see what reflected somewhere where we never were … To understand all life that missed something. More true than someone … Through a set of years the heavenly joker all are will push off you face to face … Here supposedly look, fools that was necessary for you! And both of you will not know what now to do with this find. Everything is already put in life. Everything is already made … And the attraction is, and, powerful … And here again begins, what some call a whim and nonsenses … And, it can happen at any age! Do not think that having opened the passport and having looked in a mirror, you can quietly live! Nonsense! Everything is started anew, all with the same symptoms and beams!

It would not be better than it? It can more quietly, and more correctly... Or perhaps to everyone - the …