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How to turn a small drakonchik into the adult? The consciousness of

“Sits a small drakonchik and bitterly cries. By the adult dragon flies.

- the Kid, you were lost? Where your mother?

- Ate.

- And the father?

- And it ate.

- the Grandmother, the grandfather?!

- Everything, all ate!

the Adult dragon, with reproach:

- Well and who you are after that?

- Sirotinushka!!!“
Reaction of an adult dragon unambiguously indicates

existence of certain ethical standards in the drakony environment (something it seems “Do not wash away the!“) and on the fact that murder of parents among fiery pangolins does not come true any special circumstances (well, there, hunger, nedorod, mystical cults). The reservation is important, at any act of interpersonal perception the effect of novelty works.

Concerning the stranger it is shown in giving of the greatest importance to the first impression about it. The first impression is under construction, often, on the basis of limited information on object, and the image of another is completed - with inevitable distortions. So if as the senior interlocutor the being who is a product of other cultural traditions acted (the goblin some), then in the analysis of a situation it would be necessary to consider its ignorance of drakony customs. Perhaps they as medieval pelicans, feed cubs with own blood! But is not present, uniformity of group self-identification of interlocutors simplifies a picture and allows to neglect such effects.

So what we see? Drakonchik is the child, but his physical capacities repeatedly exceed possibilities of the real baby. Therefore it is quite competent to use it for an illustration of features of thinking and behavior of the infantile adult. Signs of infantility it is available: lack of the slightest hint on criticality, insistence to, any aspiration to judgment and a moral assessment of the actions. It is thought if the interlocutor asked a drakonchik about the reasons of its wild act, then for certain would receive one of two favourite answers of all babies irrespective of age and social standing. “I do not know, so it turned out“ or “And what still remained to me?“ And total conclusion: “I wanted nothing bad!“ (chit. “I am good, they are guilty“).

So, our lovely rascal shows a bright sign of the unripe personality - not formation of an adequate self-assessment and, even moreover, absence of aspiration in general as - or to estimate himself and the acts. Familiar picture?

Moreover, at the hero, apparently, is not present even a little - malsk of the developed consciousness. Even the finished villain (if he is a villain “conscious“ and consecutive) though does not suffer from a remorse then he knows about existence of moral standards which he consciously breaks. So, is let and the product of the same culture turned inside out, but nevertheless, as these norms. (Reservation: I do not acquit villains!) And even knows what makes villainy (“To a pozhg a drying house now!“).

Here simply primitive, dense, infantile consciousness - or, more definitely, not - consciousness and to shame it, to appeal to conscience and to refer to social norms all the same that to abuse the newborn for the described diapers. And it if to ponder, is not ridiculous at all. Even the baby can incidentally cripple or kill the adult, it is unsuccessful tyuknuv his toy in a forehead, but it from the category of natural anomalies and happens not often. But if to reflect what follies the adult armed with great opportunities, and even invested by the power can commit infantit, absolutely immoral - and not because he “against morals“ but because did not find time to learn about its existence at all...

Thus, in the person of the hero of a joke we have an example of extremely unripe personality who is absolutely deprived of the criticality which is not knowing public norms, not able to predict consequences of the acts and operating absolutely impulsively under the influence of a minute in damage and to people around, and ourselves. (Really, the filled paunch gradually will become empty and how this will live then lonely monstrik?)

Whether it is possible to speak about any structure of the personality here? You never can tell. But what is present at our drakonchik at this place behaves concerning the arriving information as well as the identity of the unripe, not revealed, unrealized adult. Such adult childly does not wish to take responsibility for himself and to become the independent personality, to become himself . Cash experience - murder of relatives - is distorted, and even just rejected as contradicts the available “infantile“ idea of itself. And the drakonchik sincerely sheds tears, zhaleyuch of. He really feels like not the murderer, and a sirotinushka. Earlier it was “mother`s and father`s“, and now - “anybody`s“.

And you - what? “Mother`s and father`s“ (and then they are guilty of your shortcomings - not so brought up)? Or “sirotinushka“ (so, the world - a baddy, and you in it the lonely innocent sufferer)? Or all - is not present?

I think, a small drakonchik in myself all - should be brought up. To teach mind - reason, to force to mature, open its ears and eyes towards to real, undistorted experience even if it is uncomfortable. And not to be afraid that from a small drakonchik the big dragon will crash out. At dragons mysterious biology: for some reason grow from them the person.

If grow, of course.