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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 6 - 7? “Revolt of the planet of monkeys“, etc. us waits for

In the last summer month 2011 a set of film premieres, substantial and not really. But we will not run forward. On the agenda the first week of August which will bring in movie theaters of Russia of the whole 9 movies. This time as the locomotive the background of monkey revolt in the fantastic thriller “Revolt of the Planet of Monkeys“ will act. The second echelon the American comedy “Intolerable Bosses“ and the three-dimensional animated film “Red Cap against the Evil“ will go. And already at the very end of structure two horror films from the USA and Hong Kong, the French comedy western, two dramas and the documentary tape telling about low-standard cinema boltykhatsya. And now is more detailed:

1. “Revolt of the planet of monkeys“ (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 2011)

the “Planet of monkeys“ starting in 1963 with Pierre Boole`s novel and picturized in 1968 - m Franklin Shaffner, is, in fact, one of the most long-playing fantastic film epics of the last century. This history does not descend from screens more than forty years, having managed to acquire during this time four official continuations, one remake (“The planet of monkeys“ of 2001 of the director Tim Burton) and two series (1974 - 1975). And here Hollywood remembered bright chimpanzees again, having decided to create the background fashionable today entrusted the director Rupert Uayatt.

The new movie will track the events which became the first link in powerful jump of evolution and led to domination of primacies on Earth. Uayatt famous to a narrow circle of film fans on the previous tape “Escape from Prison“ (not to confuse to of the same name series in Russian translation), collected an impressive young casting - James Franco, Frida Pinto (“The millionaire from slums“), Tom Felton (world renowned as Draco Malfoy), and also invited unfading veterans - Brian Cox and John Litgou. Additional plus is obvious break in technology of the image of animals because creators of a tape were come to the rescue by the visual masters from the Weta company who were earlier working on “Avatar“.

2. “Intolerable bosses“ (Horrible Bosses, 2011)

Was such remarkable comedy thriller “Dump Mother from the Train“ upon which plot the main characters performed by brilliant comedians Billey Kristal and Danny Devito agreed (more precisely, so it seemed one of them) to exchange murders of the enemies (despotic mummy and the bitch - the wife) to ensure an alibi and to avoid justice.

In Seth Gordon`s picture (“Four Christmas“) three losers decide to make something similar. Their bosses reached them death cavils and sneers, however to leave - means, to be given. Alcohol prompts to friends more sophisticated exit from current situation. In other words, there is no person - there is no problem. However it is much more difficult to execute conceived, than to plan on the drunk head.

In a picture comedians Jason Sudeykis (“Celibate week“) and Jason Bateman, but also the real superstars in the person of Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell (whom smartly changed for this role), Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx are involved not only the gaining steam in big cinema.

3. “A red Cap against the evil“ (Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil, 2011)

to Authors of the original parody animated film “True Story of the Red Cap“ was succeeded to make by

what they obviously did not plan - they spat to themselves a back, having parodied own a child of a sample of 2005. It is impossible to tell that that animated cartoon was exclusively ridiculous, but, at least, it was original. The sequel does not have even this advantage.

To nobody unnecessary continuation is expected failed in hire. The second calling the muddy river badly did not please the smelling jokes and far-fetched collisions of fairy tale characters with innovations, mercilessly operating practices of the first part. After a subtle humour of “Shrek“ to which the Red Cap loses in all respects it becomes obvious that not all animated cartoons are equally useful.

4. “To kill anew“ (Re - Kill, 2011)

Subject of movies about the zombie, as well as walking dead persons, really, it is not killed. It would seem that George Romero and his latest followers in the person of Zack Snyder who reanimated “Dawn of dead persons“, and Danny Boyle who forced to jog corpses in the post-apocalyptic thriller “28 days later“ told everything in this direction. On the contrary, from time to time on the horizon new zombyatnik continue to emerge as, for example, “To kill anew“ Bulgarian Valery Milev.

Personally I am a big fan of this direction at cinema, but recently I prefer to reconsider classics. Even the latest works of the master Romero frankly disappoint, not to mention weak hand-made articles of his numerous imitators. “To kill anew“ it is removed on a joint of two pictures - the romerovsky “Diary of dead persons“ from where authors without a moment`s hesitation borrowed moronic fashion on pseudo-documentary shooting, and an above-mentioned tape of Boyle.

... Outside near future: after large-scale epidemic of a killing infection special divisions smooth out the cities from the aggressive infected mutants. The last, however, do not hurry to give up on favor of winners, hastily evolving from stupid and sluggish zombies in swift-footed and bright monsters.

5. “Imperceptible Luke“ (Lucky Luke, 2009)

Generally, Luke is the lucky and to James Hat`s picture two years, but when similar trifles of our film film distributors stopped managed to knock? The Top Film Distribution company pleases us with similar “innovations“ often, being regularly late with hire for months, and even years.

We will leave difficulties of the translation alone, at French very successful … the western unexpectedly turned out. With the bright, memorable characters, the drive, fascinating adventures, a rhythmical soundtrack and the sea of grotesque, almost absurd humour in the best traditions of the unforgettable French four of idiots from Sharlo group. This specific product is valuable at least the fact that it is not similar at all to typical American comedies and parodies which managed to bother already rather.

Having decided on the five of the most perspective tapes, we will pass to debutants whose destiny in hire of Russia raises many questions. The speech, in particular, about the Hong Kong horror film of “The child`s eyes“ Ban`s brothers continuing “to please“ us with tapes with ophthalmologic names. Very typical for directors zhutik with a habitual set of horror stories in the form of dead dark-haired girls and characteristic Asian color. Most likely, it is supposed what in 3D this nightmare will be even more impressive.

Certain, let also limited, interest in public can be caused and two drama tapes - the international project “Are far in the neighbourhood“ , Dziro Taniguchi removed according to the fenteziyny best-seller, and “Better life“ Chris Vayts. Vayts to whom associations with “The American pie“ and “New moon“ bothered unexpectedly for all undertook the scenario about the immigrant fighting for destiny of the son - the teenager.

Also in limited hire documentary work “American grayndkhaus“ , narrating about such popular direction in cinema as “ýêñïëîòåéøí“ will fly. By itself, with a heap of visual examples and comments of experts, the majority of which agrees in opinion that even in a heap of manure it is possible to find for pearls sometimes.

Very different film week in the genre plan. From comedies and animated cartoons to horror films and documentary. Not too engaged prime ministers, most likely, will be quickly forgotten, considering that in further plans of August the long-awaited comic book “Cowboys against Newcomers“, new installation “Conan - the barbarian“ and the fifth part of “Destination“.