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What will be a new order?

speak About a new world order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) not one decade. The Latin phrase of “Novus Ordo Seclorum“ is even printed on the American one-dollar banknote.

In Hitlerite Germany spoke too about a new order (Neuordnung) which had to bring to the German inhabitant true freedom and prosperity. Certainly, according to nazi outlook. What the German fascists finished with - it is well known.

Relatively recently - twenty years ago - the U.S. President George Bush - the senior in the hall of the United Nations General Assembly in New - York proclaimed “a new world order“, namely - the international system under the leadership of the United States in which legality has to replace the law of the jungle. For some reason it did not turn out: I mean legality.

At the same time globalization changes world structure. The concept of the power is transformed: large funds (for example, Bill Gates`s fund) annually distribute money more, than the governments of the European states; on the African continent multinational corporations play a role more essential, than the state (for example, same “Shell“ in Nigeria); some religious organizations are more influential than the state power. Still it is possible to note that in the economic plan “Big twenty“ (G20) it is significant more than the UN. Financial war between China and the USA is well under way. What it would not end with, and years through seven China will become the first economy in the world. If to consider that in China in power communists, then communism victory is available.

Listed above is the prime cause of many events which are taking place in the world. In fact, we are witnesses of how the new order develops in the economic sphere. The great influence is exerted by world crisis which lasts three years. The markets fall. What will be share indexes, say, in a year? What have to be oil futures what will be price of gold? What to do with financial assets to legal entities and where to invest money to the population - in actions, in real estate, in precious metals? About innovations to speak in general it is ridiculous as on the falling economy of an innovation do not go.

Today the western economy appeared in the conditions of a deflation on goods for the poor and inflation on goods and services for the rich. It is explained by lack of money at the poor, surplus of financial resources at provided layers and limitation of the sold large assets (the rich have nothing to buy). However the deflation for the poor will not last eternally. Inflationary processes in economy will overcome. There will be a sharp falling of a standard of living; the middle class will begin to disappear. The consequence will appear serious socially - political shocks. However the arising operated chaos will favourably shade stability islands like the USA and some European countries.

... Once long ago gunpowder, and then nuclear technologies changed a world order to unrecognizability. In 21 - m a new image of the world will define a century migration flows. At the same time around the world there is a revival of a sort - breeding communications. For an example it is possible to tell that chaynatauna are in any megalopolis, and they are the autonomous educations low-depending on the country of residence. The racial and ethnic origin becomes an essential factor in all spheres of life.

In the developed situation not to lose the power, elite has to consolidate society around themselves and for themselves. If consolidation does not work well by granting a high standard of living to the population (there are no financial resources), then begin to consolidate society by means of fear. To design mass fears not so difficult, in the modern world really there are thousands of dangers. Meanwhile external threat, terror and/or terrorism, fear of shortage of the vital resources, world epidemics (pandemics) were the most widespread fears. It is not excluded that in the near future the world elite will invent some new impressive fears. For this purpose it is enough to include the imagination and if it is absent, then to use practices of science fiction writers.

The main error of the Russian elite is that it copies the western experience, that is tries to control and consolidate society through middle class. But in Russia there is no middle class, and there is a stratification on very rich and on all others. Such society will become uncontrollable to elite sooner or later. The first signs already appeared: Manezhka in Moscow, Sagra in the Urals...

It is impossible to foresee what will be a new order in fantastic Russian conditions. Perhaps, it will come after the next elections - parliamentary and presidential. However, at the present Russian elite created at the end of 80 - x years of the last century, the purpose simple - to tell everything available (including the power) by inheritance and to get rid of responsibility to the population of the country.

So far successfully it turns out. The state at the same time more and more approaches a non-return point after which the road to hell begins. It is necessary to hope that God is all the same stronger than any evil force.